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3 Great Undercuts to Try

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An undercut hairstyle women currently consider as one of the trendiest. Although it’s a very popular men’s style, women can keep up with the trend. Before you consider the idea check out our three favorites.

The undercut may not be for everyone but we found 3 great undercuts to try. Not everyone can pull off the undercut look, and by that we mean even those women who have already cut their hair short and loved it. If you think you have the guts and the right attitude to try out an undercut, we want to show you our favorites. If you already have taken the leap and tried this short hair trend and are not intimidated by sheering off a part of your hair, we’ve got some really cool ideas that you can try out.

slickedSleek Undercut

Reminiscent of slicked back men’s hair, this undercut is truly an androgynous hairstyle for you to try out. The slicked back undercut is a neat and polished look that you can wear to work or to a party. This style looks best on oval faces with classic features.

To create the perfect slicked back undercut hairstyle, take a dime sized amount of the Screen Nebula paste and smooth it into your hair for extra hold and a perfect set.

mohawkMohawk Undercut

Want to take your undercut hairstyle to the next level? Pair it with a Mohawk. If the Mohawk silhouette is your thing, you can simplify that look with an undercut. There’s no need to slick the sides just leave it messy and style upwards.

An undercut with a Mohawk adds extra volume on the top of your head and gives you a few extra inches of height to your stature as well.  Make sure to spray your roots with Screen Root Boost to create a full, textured look. Set your style by using a few light passes of your favorite hairspray to set it.

windsweptSide-swept Undercut

Don’t think that an undercut is only for punks.  You can transform it into a sexy and ultra-feminine look. We love the side-swept undercut. The textured fringes lend this hairstyle a very soft appeal while minimum styling makes it an easy to do hairstyle at for any evening plan.

To create a perfect side-swept undercut, prep your hair with mouse to make your hair look shiny and become pliable and easier to work with. Style your face-framing fringes the way you want and use your favorite hairspray to set it.

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