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9 Hairstyles for On-The-Go Moms

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When you have kids you’ll understand the craziness that are the mornings of preparation. We are here to help. We found some very sexy and easy styles to make your morning go faster and make you feel confident in your sex appeal as you walk out the door.

Hassle-free hairstyles for busy moms become especially important once you become a full time caregiver who, of course, needs to look great despite the lack of sleep and the growing list of things to do. You would obviously give anything up if need be just to make sure your child gets the best care but the good news is that you don’t really have to. Being a great mom and an attractive hottie are not exactly opposing entities. All you need is a few ideas on easy-to-do, sexy hairstyles for moms and maybe a few tips on how to update your cut so it will be easier for you to do in the morning. Here are 9 hairstyles for on-the-go moms and some great tips:

mom91. CARE-FREE PIXIE – A great pixie cut, may seem too short to allow any creative moves but ask any pixie fan and you’ll realize just cool and versatile this cut really is! Part your hair to the side and hairspray to get it to look feminine and work-appropriate or dig into your styling pomade and have fun experimenting with faux hawks and many other bed head looks. Oh, and don’t forget that ultra glamorous sleeked back look’

zvgx8dov2. SIMPLE TWISTS
 – Twists are also a great, classy idea to get you through the day even if you haven’t had the time to wash your hair, and the best thing about them is that you don’t have to have long hair to enjoy this style.

xtvm9af83. JUST WAVY
– A wavy hairstyle is carefree and hassle-free on your part, but looks chic and stylish to those around you! To achieve this look if you have naturally straight hair, braid your hair at night when it’s slightly damp. In the morning, when you take out your braids you’ll look fabulous.

– Asymmetrical layered bob is one of the best, classiest styles for new moms out there and will prove to be a lifesaver for you in case you have pin-straight hair. Ask your stylist to cut a few extra layers in the back, develop the habit of using a root booster after each wash and you will always have a perfectly easy style.

gxy8t39y5. A-LINE BOB
– An A-line bob is the ideal cut for any mom! It’s short enough that you can wash and condition it in a few short minutes and that you can style it in record time. Yet it’s also long enough to remain versatile and fun to style and stay. And even better, the gradual shortening toward the back adds interest to the cut!

– There is no reason to give up your long hair. After all, as this simple style for new moms isn’t as nearly as dramatic nor will it require any new styling habits. Layers will give your straight hair more texture and volume helping you look great even if your hairstyle for the day is nothing fancier than a ponytail. You should do layers even if your hair is wavy or curly as this will take some of its weight down. You will be able to dry it faster and style it easier.

onvlga7x7. HALF-UP
– A classic look is the half-up style. This look is really easy to achieve, yet looks classy and fancy! The best part is all it takes is a few bobby pins to complete this look. It’s a fool-proof style that you are bound to love.

t6zrtv2k8. TWISTED BANGS
– Twisting your bangs is a great method for getting the hair out of your face on a rushed morning. This technique works on both wet and dry hair, which makes it the ideal hassle-free hairstyle for any mom.

hjxoj22o9. LOOSE BRAID – A single loose braid is a style you can perfect within one minute of your morning routine! It can look a little messy on purpose and still look amazing! All you need in order to achieve this flawless look is a pony tail holder and maybe a few bobby pins to keep fly-aways in place.


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