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OUR PHILOSOPHY Fashion Forward Thinking

“The 1920s, 1960s and what might pass for futuristic fashion in Year 2050 can be represented in all the things we do. We try to stay ahead of the competition by understanding the overall fashion trends of each season. We keep a close eye on Milan, Paris and New York runways to keep our hairstyles cutting-edge-current. There are themes to every fashion trend . We identify those themes and use them to create our own Cut, Style and Color collections.

We also believe in keeping up with modern pop culture trends via film and television. Mass media influence is a huge part of how and why people choose the style that they do. It is our job to keep the culture in mind when we help our clients choose the perfect look to perfectly fit their lifestyle.We focus on learning from all opportunities that we are given to expand our knowledge of photography, lighting and theatrical makeup. We stay involved with photo shoots, film work, theater and commercial shoots.

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All of these things give us a more eclectic pool of knowledge in order to bring more options to our clients. We love to share our experiences with our clients and we would love to share them with you.Salon F has a rich history, founded by Fernando and Elnore Ortiz, Salon F has always been one of the premier salons in the Lincoln / Omaha area since 1970.

Fernando and his son Tom (Tommy O) have over seventy years experience in the salon industry. The Salon F concept is simple; “We strive to become a trusted friend to solve problems and reinvent self-confidence.”As our director of education, Tommy O, has educated across the country. he has worked in film, television, commercial print, fashion runway and at one of Beverly Hills’ top salons. Sharing this experience helps our staff to clearly understand all aspects of fashion and most importantly, how to find the perfect balance for each and every customer based on their needs, desires and lifestyles.”







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