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Your Hair Style: Are You Fashion Worthy?

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What hairstyle suits me best? If there’s one thing we’ve learned in this beauty game, it’s that hair makes a huge difference. A new haircut can really transform your look and make you feel great.

We love the question; are you fashion worthy? We love the women that don’t really go for trends and instead go with what suits them best. So maybe you’ve had a bad haircut or just want to have a hairstyle that finally suits you and make you look and feel your best.

To find your best hairstyle that suits you, here are our 3 steps: finding out your face shape, seeing which style suits that face shape, and then trying them out virtually before making the plunge. We will walk you through each section.

  1. First, identify your face shape First things first,  it all boils down to your face shape. Once you have figured out what your face shape is, it is so much easier to find out what cuts and styles can flatter, making your search much less traumatic. If you don’t know or are unsure about what your face shape is, do your research and ask your stylist at salon F.  This is the most important step, so make sure you do this first.
  2. Then see what hairstyles are best for your face shape below. Now that you’ve found your face shape, here are some guidelines for hairstyles that will suit your face shape, and ones that will not.
  3. Next, Try it out. Once you know what to avoid and what might suit you, it’s time to try it out, by photo manipulation, of course. So if you are handy at Photoshop, get to work. If not, there are plenty of makeover websites where you can upload a photo of yourself and ‘try on’ different styles.

Round Face


Long, layered straight to slightly wavy hair looks stunning on you! Side swept and long bangs will also suit you well. Avoid styles that will bring more width to your face, such as blunt bangs, bobs and big curls. They might make your face look rounder. The trick here is to elongate.

Some product recommendations:

  • A great hair straighter would do the trick in getting your hair looking sleek and straight, and therefore elongating your face shape. The best hair straighteners ever is by Brazilian Blowout. You can buy it at Salon F.
  • De-frizzing will be important for you, as you want your hair to look as sleek as possible. A great product is gloss which is also available at Salon F.

Long face 


The key here is to widen your face, so focus on getting volume at the side (near your cheeks).  Hairstyles such as bobs, wavy and curly hair will add width to your face; and short to shoulder length cuts look great on you! Bangs work very well on long faces, especially blunt and side bangs. Avoid styles that “lengthen” the face, such as straight, long cuts, and avoid too long hair length, which can drag your face down (again, stick to short styles, shoulder-length, or length not past your chest).

Since you’re focus is in creating width, you can also add width through styles, not just your haircut. For example, waves and volume will bring width to your face. I have this face shape, so here are some of our recommendations:

  • Invest in a good curling iron.
  • Use volumizing shampoo & conditioner. Some of our favorite products are the Joico texture shampoos and conditioners available at Salon F.
  • A texturizing styling product. There are several available at Salon F. Just ask your stylist which one is best for you.

Square face


Softer hairstyles will work best with you to soften your sharp features, wispy bangs, soft romantic curls will look really pretty. Hairstyle with big, soft volume look great too, check out How to: Get More Hair Volume for help on that. Avoid chin length cuts that may emphasis your strong jawline.

Some product recommendations:

  • To keep your hair looking soft, you must battle frizz. Start in the shower with an awesome shampoo. You can find what you need at Salon F.
  • Big, soft “bombshell” curls look great with this face shape. To do that, invest in a proper curling iron.
  • Keep your hair as “soft-looking” as possible. We use several products to attain this. Just ask your stylist.

Heart & Triangle face


Long and wavy hairstyles will look great on you. Keep your hair length to the longer side; as shorter cuts and styles may emphasise your smaller jaw area. Soft, side swept bangs looks great and will soften the jaw area as well to give your face some balance.

Some product recommendations:

  • Invest in a good curling iron.
  • Make sure hair is soft to compliment your angular, sharper face shape.

Perfect Oval Face


Lucky you, oval face shapes look great in anything! Experiment and see what you like best, any style might be for you, as shown by the ladies above? They look gorgeous and feminine with all of their styles.

Extra tip: Make sure your hair has some nice hair volume to it too. A medium layered cut that softens around the edges, flatters every face shape, hair type and is suitable at any age. This cut is simple, timeless and sophisticated, anyone can wear it.



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