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Artificial Grey – Tacky or Trendy

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While most women try to cover up their grey hair, thinking they are far too young for grey. Now going grey may have lost that stigma. When men go grey, it becomes distinguished and in some cases improves their charisma. We call them“silver foxes,” and label their hair as that sexy salt-and-pepper.  No such terms exist to describe a woman who’s hair is doing the same.

While many of us try to hide our gray hairs, there are others who are going gray on purpose. This global phenomenon that is called by that oh so manly name, “Silver Fox” has been trending for some time now. So now that we have all been faced with a daughter, niece or neighbor that has gone Silver, we thought we would ask, artificial grey – tacky or trendy?

Instead of going blonde, it seems as though some women have played around with grey. Could it be that the true origin is actually an attempt to push back against our culture’s obsession with staying and looking  younger? The Silver Fox look has older women taking notice. This somewhat edgy grey trend has redefined the meaning of going gray.

A lot of mature clients are really embracing it. They have tried to just let their hair go grey but a lot of our clients at Salon F come back after 6 months of regrowth and claim that they just cannot take it anymore. As it turns out, it was much harder for them to go grey than they thought it would be. Younger men who have embraced the silver hair trend have also come to the realization that the maintenance on the Silver Fox look is more than they can bear.

More than likely you have see a the number of Silver Foxes running around, dwindling quickly. Just because something is different and trendy at the time does not mean that it will last. And it definitly does not mean that it is not tacky. Remember Madonna’s material girl look from the 80’s? What would you call that now, tacky or trendy?  Everyone wants to express themselves and find teir identity when they are young. Becoming old is a novel idea but the reality is, growing old is not something we will ever embrace.

You be the judge, if you decided to get your senior pictures wearing this new Sliver Fox trend, will you look back at it in 20 years and think that it looks trendy or tacky…

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