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Bringing Sexy Short Hair Home

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Some say that the new symbol of sensuality is short hair. A soft neck and layers tossed and scattered can emphasize a woman’s personality and femininity. Sexy short hair can make a woman look much younger if it is done right.

If you are planning on bringing sexy short hair home for your significant other, you can walk in with confidence. More and more men are preferring women with short hair. Those women exude self assurance and an upbeat sassy attitude. You have to choose the right style for your personality just like you would for your wardrobe. We have some observations for you to consider before you take the short hair plunge. Here is why your short hair will maximize your sex appeal.

You absolutely need to know how to make your short hair cut look sexy. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your short hair. Short hair does not have to look boring or like a concession to age. First of all, the cut needs to be the right one for the individual in order to be personal. Once you understand your personality, you should go for something soft if you feel dainty, or more structured if you are confident; but whatever you choose needs to look modern and chic as it suits you. Short hair should be cut elegantly in order to promote a chic, down-to-business reflection of dignity and confidence. For the short hair first-timers, a messy, choppy jaw length crop is ideal for transforming lifeless length with pure glamour and sex appeal. The other extreme is a daring crop, which is arguably the cutest and sexiest short hair style of all. The sheer shortness really accentuates features and exudes attitude.

So do men love women with sexy short hair? The new version of the pixie cut has transformed the look of the 21st century. You can remember when sex appeal was synonymous with long hair. Those days are over. Think of women in the movies that make the men drool, many of them sporting those stunning and sexy short hair cuts. Picture, Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, and Halle Barry in Monster’s Ball. All of whom made men weak in the knees and women green with envy. Short hair declares freedom and a care-free attitude combined with a mysterious dominating aura. The way a sexy short hair cut accentuates beautiful eyes and lips leaves men fascinated with short hair, but also able to identify the real person within.

Predictably transformed women’s hair into a rebellious cycle and what more rebellious than countering the demure norm. Short haired women were classified for a long time as being ‘asexual’ and unattractive. That old-fashioned and conservative view is not only outdated but completely untrue. Women who go for short hair do not consider their choice of hair length as a sabotage of their sexuality, but quite the opposite. And men have come to regard women with short hair, extremely desirable and sexy. Short hair can be intensely sexy, but not sexy in the submissive, coy, girl-next-door way that long hair usually does. Short hair has a more dominant, powerful and commanding way. And in today’s world. That IS sexy.

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