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Can Your Fine Hair Look Good Short?

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Fine or thin hair does not spell hair style doom. Clever tips and tricks are going to help you build up your hair structure. Find out how to style and blow-dry your hair with gorgeous results

Can your fine hair look good short? Fine hair is not automatically considered thin hair. The problem lies within the fact that  the thickness of each individual hair is smaller. Fine hair is about .002 of an inch thinner than average hair. It is also a little more sensitive. But even if you have the same number of hairs, your hair may still appear thin. One of the factors that effect this may be your hair color.You may have plenty of hair despite its thin appearance. Would it surprise you to know that blondes have about 150,000 hairs on their head? The weird thing is that most dark-haired women have only about 100,000 hairs on their heads. If you have thin “looking” hair, you should use techniques to build structure and be very aware when using heat on your hair. Almost every woman can wear short hair. The secret is finding the right cut for your face shape and hair texture. In this article we will help you figure out if short hairstyles are for you.

Some of this year’s most popular and beautiful hairstyles are short and on women of all ages. You have seen bobs, ,lobs, edgy cuts, shags, pixie hairstyles and so many more. You should find out how to style them and you can learn by the end of this article if a short hairstyle would look best on you.

Here are a few of our best tips for short hair:

  1. Personality means everything when you are pulling off short hair. Do you love the idea of yourself in short hair? Does it feel like it really suits you at this time in your life? Go with your gut on this one, not other peoples’ advice. If you end up hating short hair, it is not the end of the world. In six months you will be back to where you started.
  2. Short hair can be higher maintenance with the cutting part of upkeep. Unless, of course, your hair grows super slow. Short hair typically should be trimmed every 4-6 weeks if you want to maintain your style. The good news is, it will take you much less time to deal with daily.
  3. Your face shape and hair texture matter. Not all face shapes and hair textures work with certain short haircuts.  Choosing the right cut for your face shape is a whole other topic but be confident that you can find a short haircut that will suit you.
  4. When you suddenly get to the age that grandchildren are a possibility and you DO NOT want to look like a grandma, our advice is to find a very trendy salon that is up on the latest style like Salon F. Hairstyles have nothing to do with age and everything to do with attitude. You can wear the same cut as your daughter but you may have to change your outfits, your glasses or even your makeup. These changes can completely makeover your look from granny to vixen.
  5. Choosing the right hair products are key to keeping your hairstyle from going frizzy and/or flat. Mousse gives your fine hair body, pastes and dry shampoos give your fine hair texture. To fight the frizz, consider a lightweight gloss or anything containing silicone-like properties. Don’t forget about salt spray for beachy looks.

You really need to remember that fine hair needs bounce. Fine hair immediately looks more voluminous if you can give the root portion more bounce. Before you blow-dry your hair you should always apply a small amount of root booster or spray gel only to the root portion of your hair. Then you are ready to start drying your hair using a flat paddle brush. You do this by holding your head from side to side while using the blow-dryer and brushing your hair against the grain using the paddle brush. After a few passes, you repeat the same procedure blowing your hair to the other side. Finally, tip your head upside down while brushing and blow-drying your hair toward the front. In case your hair is too short for paddle-brushing, you can always use your fingers to lift your hair-strands away from your head during blow-drying to give lift. You can also use a round brush and wrap your hair around it, then heat it up and allow it to cool. All of these techniques will give your hair more bounce from the roots out.

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