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Covering Grey Hair

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Coloring grey hair can be tricky. If you are doing it more than once per month you are probably doing some damage. Hair may even grow faster when it goes grey or at least it seems that way. Grey hair is is not always easy to cover even with professional hair color. If your hair seems resistant to hair color and you are applying it more frequently, it will definitely be harmful for your hair. Find out what you need to do to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Those “Nice & Easy”commercials do just that, they make it LOOK easy. They make it seem like all you have to do is grab that simple little box off the grocery store shelf and miraculously your hair will look just like the picture on the box. After all,  all the instructions and tools you need are included, right? Unfortunately, the reality of covering grey hair is not so simple. If your hair grows very quickly you are definitely  going to have to touch up your roots often. Your grey hair  may also seem resistant to even professional hair color at the salon. Even permanent color can fade out of grey hair very easily, which will also increase the frequency in which you will need to apply color to your grey hair.

This is where the problem lies; you are causing at least some damage every time you use permanent hair color which contains ammonia and peroxide. If you use it more often, then you are causing a steady stream of damage, which will have a cumulative effect. It is inevitable that you will end up with hair that is dry, prone to split ends, and all around harder to deal with. This can turn your morning prep time into a very frustrating situation.

When hair is dry and damaged, it is not going to hold color well. In you are trying to make your color stay by constantly re-coloring,  you will defeating your purpose. Before you color your hair make sure it is in the best possible condition. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. Try a masque or a hot oil treatment. We can customize a specialized conditioning formula just for you at Salon F. Deep condition your hair regularly, at least once a week, in addition to your daily shampoo and conditioner. This will give your hair all the moisture and nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy. Well-nourished hair will hold color and your grey hair will cover much better. The moisturizing treatments will counter-act the drying affects that come with regularly keeping up with the roots an coloring your grey hair.

To avoid frequent touch-ups, try having some light highlights added to your hair. The highlights will help the grey roots blend in better. Think of it as a camouflage for your roots. It will not be nearly as noticeable if you let the roots grow a bit in-between touch-ups. Naturally, grey hair is a little dryer and coarser than hair that still has its pigment. Even if you are not using professional color to cover your grey,  you should still be moisturizing your hair to keep it healthy, shiny and beautiful.


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