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Cute Short Hairstyles for Fall 2015

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Fall is here. It is time to get back-to-class, watch some football, put on a sweater and a new hairstyle. If you’ve tossed around the idea of going short, Fall is the perfect time to experiment with your hair and try some of these hot short hair trends.

Get back at the grind this season by changing up your look with one of these cute short hairstyles for Fall. This article will definitely give you some ideas to take with you to the salon this season!


Here is a little flare and femininity on short hair. This cut can be styled many ways, so here is a softer look for this edgy cut.
Cool-and-Charming-Asymmetric-Bob-CutHow to style:

  • On damp hair, apply a styling gel.
  • On the shorter side, blow dry the hair smooth.
  • On the longer side, blow dry the hair in the opposite direction, towards the shorter side to create volume.
  • When hair is completely dry, shape the front with a curling iron or wand (medium sized for curls, large for waves). Curl the longer pieces throughout.
  • Finish with medium strength hairspray.

BEST FACE SHAPE FOR THIS CUT: This will look great on smaller facial shapes. Finer and straighter hair types will have to style more often to keep the body and shape of this look.


Here is a soft and flirty short style that can be worn in a variety of ways. This is an easy style to maintain and also easy to dress up!

layered crop

How to style:

  • On damp hair, apply a smoothing cream.
  • Blow dry hair with a small paddle brush or Denman brush.
  • Dry a side part into the hair. Follow the shape of the head with brush.
  • Smooth with a flat iron if needed.
  • Finish with high shine hairspray.

BEST FACE SHAPE FOR THIS CUT: Curlier hair types may want to invest in a smoothing treatment is they wanted to commit to this style. If your hair is all one color this style may appear flat, so ask your stylist about color to accent this cute look.


This style can be an easy entry for women who haven’t had short hair before. This cut is still long enough to tie back into a tiny ponytail if need be, and you get the full effect “short” look while still having some length.

soft swept

How to style:

  • Apply a styling cream to damp hair.
  • With a paddle brush, blow dry hair going forward like an extreme combover.
  • Repeat wrapping hair with your brush and dryer from side to side until dry.
  • Spray hair with texture spray and add texture paste for a more distressed finish.

BEST FACE SHAPE FOR THIS CUT: This look is very versatile and will sit well on most all facial shapes. Curlier and thicker hair types may want to investigate smoothing treatments for this one. The hair color in this style is what adds drama to this look. Hair that is all one color will look softer. If you want to add a little flare, ask your stylist about some color.


This a very chic and modern look for the polished professional as well as the stylish diva. Asymmetrical short styles almost style themselves as they have have such distinct shapes.

asymetrical bob1How to style:

  • Apply a smoothing cream to damp hair.
  • Blow dry hair smooth with paddle brush or large round brush.
  • Section hair into horizontal sections.
  • Smooth hair with a flat iron.
  • Apply an anti-frizz spray or serum.

BEST FACE SHAPE FOR THIS CUT: This is among the most universal looks out there. It works well on most everyone!



This is a popular look with the variation of the top being longer or shorter. We love it because it’s easy to maintain and a breeze to style!

undercut cropHow to style:

  • On damp hair, apply styling cream.
  • Blow dry hair smooth with Denman brush.
  • Finish with soft texture product.
  • Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

BEST FACE SHAPE FOR THIS CUT: All hair types can rock this little number with minimal styling time. Whenever going extremely short, frequent visits to the salon may be required. Don’t hesitate to ask your stylist if they offer complimentary neck trims or touch-ups in between visits.



Here is a very clean yet feminine short style that is easy to maintain at home. Just know that shorter hairstyles like this one may require more frequent visits to the salon to keep the shape clean.

short layered cropHow to style:

  • On damp hair, apply a smoothing cream or gel and comb through.
  • Smooth down sides and back with blow dryer and a brush.
  • Blow dry top with small round brush.
  • Spray with hairspray and comb through. Flat iron pieces to add texture.
  • Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

BEST FACE SHAPE FOR THIS CUT: This works well with lean facial shapes. Nearly all hair types can style this easily.

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