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Do You Have a Great Hairdresser?

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Most women cannot stress the importance of a great hair stylist.  No one wants to end up with a hair color that goes awry, a hideous haircut or worse still with a bald spot. So, you should always be on the lookout for the signs of a great hairdresser. It is not that hard to find out if your hairdresser is good or someone to avoid like the plague. 

Do you have a great hairdresser? When your hairdresser is  cutting your hair, sometimes they talk about a lot of things. They should not speak negatively about someone else.  A little gossip is okay but beyond a certain point, it just becomes an annoying bad habit. Who knows what he/she is saying about you behind your back, right? So, here is what we think about being a great hairdresser and communication with our clients in order to give them the best possible service. This is our philosophy at Salon F.  This is a great read for all hairdressers.

Good Communication

Your hairdresser, if they are a great hairdresser, has great communication skills. And good customer service depends on good communication. It is vital that your hairdresser can communicate well with you from the moment you enter the salon until you leave.

The consultation is a fact-finding mission and is the first part of the service. An in-depth consultation will allow your hairdresser to find out what your ideas and needs are. This will help them to make the right recommendations and give you more confidence in them.

During a consultation, your hairdresser should always:

  • find out what you want before they shampoo
  • ask the right questions and, if necessary, use visual aids such as magazines. If you are doing a color consultation pictures or swatches help
  • communicate clearly with you and check to make sure you both understand each other
  • great stylists are not afraid to work as a team, if they bring in another team member to solve your problems that is a good sign
  • listen carefully to you and your answers to the questions they ask
  • ask the right questions using open questions, and interpret exactly what you are saying
  • put you at ease and tell you what their plan is, even before they start cutting and explain what they are doing as they work
  • understand exactly what you want, communication is about listening as well as talking
  • make sure that you understand what they are recommending for you

How your hairdresser talks to you is as important as what you say to them. People are not all the same and, with experience, hairdressers learn to adapt speech,  tone of voice, volume and speed to suit you and the circumstances. A great hairdresser chooses their words carefully. Soft sounds tend to be more reassuring than hard sounds. For example, ‘would you like to sit down?’ and ‘may I help you?’ sound more friendly than ‘take a seat’ or ‘can I help you?’ (which might also imply doubt about your own ability).

There will be times when communicating with your hairdresser will be hard work. You may have difficulty expressing what you want. But a great hairdresser can read between the lines and figure out what you want a blend that with what you need, creating the perfect style for you.


A great hairdresser knows that they are in a position of trust. They posses and  learn a great deal of personal information about you and other clients. It is crucial that you can rely on their discretion. If you feel you cannot trust them, you should not go back to anyone you cannot trust, especially with your crowning glory.  A great hairdresser will always treat your personal information and personal information about their colleagues in confidence. The salon is a busy, public place and the hairdressers that work together should always know that they can trust each other. No one likes to hear salon staff gossiping about each other.

After Care

An increasingly important part of the hairdresser’s role is giving after-care advice to clients and recommending products clients can use to care for their style between visits to the salon. Your hairdresser should always give you the tools to reproduce the look that they create in the salon.  You need to keep in mind that your hair dresser would not be styling your hair without these products so why should you think that you can do it without them.

Hair products are designed to solve problems. A great hairdresser takes the position of a problem solver, never a high-pressure salesman. They understand your problems that you are experincing with your hair and they simply spell out the solutions through the benefits of the products that they are using on you so you can use them properly at home. Here are three things that great hairdressers do:

  • explain which products they have used on you to make the the style at home
  • explain why they have used them
  • explain when and how you should use them at home

You will know your hairdresser is great when they really pay attention to your hair and plan their every move and carry it through with utmost concentration. Random angles and lazy arms with no planning may just mean that you need a new stylist. Those are some of the signs that  you have a great hairdresser. If you have the opposite of these signs, then maybe it’s time to see a new hairdresser. What are you waiting for? Stop into Salon F and check out what we do.

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