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Do You Have Tortured Hair?

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The most readily visible signs of damaged hair are; rough texture, over-porosity, dryness, and brittleness. All of these are generally caused by damage to and over extension of the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. This can come from blow-drying, wind, harsh shampoos and chemical treatments, as well as other heat-styling methods and environmental influences. But most of the time it is due to over-processing.

So, what do you do if your hair looks like cotton candy? Do you have tortured hair? For anyone who is experiencing damage or texture issues due to over-processing, we are here to tell you that there IS hope. You can have your hair back hair back to the good ole days when you were chasing butterflies and thought boys were yucky.

You need to know that going from dark brunette to blonde in one session or even multiple sessions is most definitely going to significantly change the texture of your hair. You may have, breakage, which is right up there with STD on the list of things that we all want to avoid.

If your hairdresser takes every precaution during the process, you can minimize damage and hopefully you won’t have any breakage. Because it is best if you use a strong blonding powder and not use actual bleach, which strips your hair of color more gently, and then you need to seal your hair with a gloss to enhance the perfect tone. So your hair can come out of the process in remarkably good shape considering what it has been through.

You may have a little bit of a shock the first time you style your hair by yourself. It may be a little tougher to get a brush through your formerly blow-dry-and-wear hair. Just remember that with being a blonde & having gone through such a HUGE change so quickly your hair will definitely be in shock. If you come in, we can give you some tips for handling the newly blonde and set you up with the perfect regimen of conditioning products that will bring your hair back. And for anyone who is experiencing texture issues due to over-processing, allow us to tell you that there IS hope: Within a few weeks your hair can be as manageable as it was in the good ole days. Just come in for a consultation and let us work our magic.

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