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Does Your Hair Stop Growing at a Certain Point?

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Does your hair stop growing at a certain point? The halt in hair growth and lack of length can be caused by a number of reasons. Diet, over-processing, handling your hair too roughly and even not cutting it often enough are all factors to consider if your hair isn’t growing longer.

All of us would like nothing more than long, healthy hair. It is so frustrating when it will not grow past a certain length. What makes it worse is that it stays the same length but the roots still grow out to expose all of that grey and make it so obvious that it is time to color your hair. So why does your hair stop growing at a certain point? Your hair may be growing, but where is it going? Why isn’t it getting any longer?

First, let’s take a look at the cosmetic side of hair length. More often than not, it’s not that your hair isn’t growing, but that it’s breaking off. No matter how well you eat, if your hair is frequently snapping off at the ends the length will be affected. Hair grows an average of a half an inch a month. If your hair is breaking approximately that much in the same time period, it will stay the same length.

Hair breakage can be caused by the incorrect use of a flat iron, curlers or any hot tools. You can also cause damage by mis-using a hair-dryer. Don’t forget to use a protective serum. If you are using uncovered elastic bands, or brushing your hair too often or too roughly, it can also cause damage. All of these processes can cause your hair to lose excessive amounts of moisture. And dry, brittle and non-elastic hair will lead to breakage. The way to minimize this breakage is to use products that will inject moisture back into the hair shaft and products that protect your hair from heat. If you are gentle with your hair when styling, brushing, removing tangles and towel drying this will also help.

This same logic applies to cutting and trimming your hair. For instanace, many women go to the hairdressers every 6-8 weeks to get their hair trimmed. In 8 weeks, your hair will grow approximately 1 inch. Therefore, if you are cutting off 1 inch of hair (or more) every 2 months, your hair will remain the same length. It is important to keep the ends of your hair in good shape, but if you want length, either have your hair cut less often or just cut the split ends more frequently to prevent the split from creeping up the hair shaft and causing breakage.

Diet is another reason for hair not growing past a certain length. Low ferritin levels can affect the growth cycle of hair, especially in women. Ferritin is your body’s iron storage. It can have a profound impact on the health of your hair as good levels of ferritin optimize hair growth. A lack of ferritin can result in the hair moving out of the ‘growing phase’ and into the ‘shedding phase’ sooner than it should. In women, ferritin levels should be over 80 for optimum hair growth. Anything below this can result in your hair falling out before it has reached the desired length. An under-active/over-active thyroid can also do this. Getting your thyroid and iron levels checked is also a good idea if your hair isn’t growing past a certain length.

Vitamins B12 and Zinc are also important when it comes to hair length and texture. Insufficient levels of zinc can affect hair texture by causing brittleness and therefore breakage. Adequate protein intake at breakfast and lunch should be taken into account as well. Some of our clients have taken Biotin and Lechethin with great success in helping their hair grow healthy. You should always consult your Doctor before taking any supplements as too much of any vitamin/mineral can cause problems with your overall health.

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