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Fabulous Morning Hair

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A hair strategy you do before bedtime can make a huge difference. We found four great styles that can be done before your head hits the pillow. All are easy, require minimal product, and won’t cause you to lose any sleep.

How can you start your day with fabulous morning hair? While there may be a few of you out there, most rarely wake up in the morning with effortlessly amazing hair. Usually there is a tremendous amount of effort that goes into our hairstyle to wake up to a good hair day. Add some time constraints in the morning, wardrobe, kids, coffee etc. A lush, flowing mane seems even less possible. Are you tired of everyday becoming another ponytail day?

vintage-long-Side-part-curls1940s Style Curls

Part your hair into four equal sections in an ‘X’ formation, with triangular sub-sections at the front, both sides, and back of your head. Lightly mist your hair with wave spray, then wrap each triangular section around a long tube sock, starting close to the scalp with the toe and ending at the open end of the sock. It is like rolling two socks together. Roll the open end of the sock up towards the scalp to close the curl, and secure it with an elastic. Release the style when you wake up, and tousle for amazing curls.

Good Morning Waves

Apply a light oil treatment, we like Moroccan Oil, to your damp hair from mid-shaft to ends, then blast the roots with a root spray for manageability and volume. Gather all your hair into a high ponytail close to the crown, and secure it with a crease-less, fabric tie. Wrap the ponytail around its base to form a bun, and secure the ends underneath the elastic. When you wake up, release the hair to see your soft, bouncy waves.

Soft Textured Volume

Brush your hair back into a ponytail, then separate the ponytail into two sections. Twist each section tightly into a spiral, and wrap each coil around the base of the ponytail, securing with bobby pins, resulting in two twists pinned around each other. Spray the twisted style with hairspray before bed. When you wake up, hit the style with heat from a blow dryer for a few minutes, then wait for it to cool. Remove the pins and release the style, tousling it to perfect the look. Add life to the curled style with salt spray, and finish with a good hairspray.

Freak Accident Waves

Before bed, take your damp hair and create round barrel curls throughout your hair, securing them to your head with bobby pins. Spray your hair lightly with hairspray and sleep, ideally on a silk pillowcase. (If you don’t have one, pull a silk scarf around your pillow.) When you wake up, take the pins out, and you will have soft waves. You can touch them up with a curling iron, or run your fingers through them creating a more messy, un-done look.

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