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Fall Grunge 2015

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Consider the change of seasons your invitation to refresh your hair with grungy long layers, razored ends or a striking pixie. Take a look at our takes on Fashion Week fall 2015 in NYC.

If you are renovating your wardrobe with fall 2015’s newest fashion trends, it’s may be the perfect time to consider updating your hairstyle as well. This year has a definite Fall Grunge 2015 feel.

Gary Brown with Paris Hilton at NYC Fashion Week 2015

You do not have to go dramatic with your re-vamp. In fact, it can be as simple as changing up your hair part or adding a hair accessory. Fall 2015 is all about well-defined hair parts, strong center parts or deep side parts. And according to our reporter in the field, Gary Brown, headbands and hair broaches are also staging a comeback for the season.

A Retro-grunge, wet look is also popular on fall/winter 2015 runways, in addition to long hair lengths. Some long hair is worn tousled, in loose waves, or pulled back in a long, slick pony. The deconstructed chignon and knotted buns also made an appearance at several shows for the upcoming season, for a look that’s chic yet relaxed and modern. There were also looks for those looking for a more drastic change. This fall seems to be the perfect time to try out a fringed pixie, an angled bob or a trendy lob.

If you’re looking to switch up your hairstyle this fall and need a bit of inspiration, we found a few examples of the hot trends happening this Fall. Take a look through our impressions and let us know what you think.

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