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Fun and Easy Halloween Hairstyles

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So, you don’t have your costume. You can start by focusing on your hair. We found a few easy do-it-yourself hairstyles that will get you so much closer to being the cutest party-goer on All Hallows’ Eve. It’s gonna get scary-fun up in hair.

Why spend all your money on an expensive prepackaged Halloween costume when you can put together one of your own? We are here to help you with some really fun and easy Halloween hairstyles.  Hopefully if you have no idea what you are going to do for inspiration this Halloween we can give you some ideas right here.

639c238f4ab2d789369a25b60383124eThe Mermaid Curl

  • Apply gel to damp hair. Blow-dry, messing with your fingers. Make a loose center part.
  • Using a curling wand, wind a section of hair away from your face. The wand doesn’t have a clamp, so it creates smoother curls. Clamps sometimes leave weird crimps on long hair. Set for 20 to 30 seconds, then gently slide hair off. Repeat all over.
  • Run your fingers through the ringlets to separate them into bigger waves. Use hair spray to help them hold their shape.

swanThe Black Swan Ballerina Bun

  • Pull hair back into a low side ponytail just behind your ear. Secure with an elastic.
  • Separate a 2-inch-wide section from the ponytail. Braid it.
  • Pull the braid aside and wind the rest of the ponytail around its base. Anchor with hairpins.
  • Wrap the braid around the bun. Pin the ends into the underside.
  • Add a feather for pizzazz.


tiffanysBreakfast at Tiffany’s Updo

  • Apply a root volumizer. Use a comb to part the hair across the back of the head, from ear to ear. Gather the top section of hair at the crown, twist it one time, and secure with hairpins.
  • Gather the bottom section of the hair at the nape of the neck. Twist it in a column upward, so that the ends stick up.
  • Grasp the column of hair and tuck it underneath itself in the direction of the twist. Secure the hair along the twist with bobby pins. Finish with a misting of hair spray.


85b863aad2c51e4699957cbfa597f767Toga Party Goddess

  • Pull the back section of curly hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head, leaving the pieces around your hairline loose. Secure with an elastic.
  • Twist the ponytail upward. Anchor it to the back of your head with bobby pins.
  • Sweep the front section of hair back toward the twist. Pin with bobby pins (a few tendrils may fall out).
  • Slip in a pretty comb. Secure it in the back of the updo.


dorothyDorothy in OZ

  • Prep dry hair with setting spray. This will ensure that the final look lasts.
  • Part your hair down the middle in back, then twist the hair on each side of the part tightly toward your nape. Hold each twist in place with an elastic at the base of your neck.
  • Hide both elastics with a strand of hair from each ponytail. Secure the wrapped strands with a bobby pin. (The bobby pin will also help keep the twists from unfurling).

maidenGame of Throwns Maiden

  • Using your hands, work a golf ball–size dollop of mousse through dry hair. Finger-tousle hair for fullness.
  • Gather strands under one ear. Braid, and secure with an elastic.


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