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Hair That Makes You Look Thinner

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Tired of old-lady hair? What if you could make your hair resist the elements, in even those rainy and steamy climates and make it always look smooth and shiny? What if it would take you only five to ten minutes to blow dry? What if your hair would almost style itself and give you back the youthful-looking hair you thought you had lost forever? Sound too good to be true? It may not be, if you consider an anti-curl treatment.

You can have straight, shiny, manageable hair. But is it the hair that makes you look thinner? No matter how much you have to pay, you would pay for hair that will always look as fantastic when you do it as it looked in the salon. Right now, you feel like you could almost guarantee that after you leave the salon, your hair would be back to its usual dry, straw-like, frizzy and unmanageable state in less than 24 hours. If you feel like it is not an exaggeration to say that every day, for you is a bad hair day.

Anticurl is fair to say, the answer to every kind of problem hair, and it works equally well on chemically-treated and highlighted hair. The magic ingredient is not keratin, it is moisture. During the treatment, the moisture is sealed into the hair cuticle, strengthening the hair shaft and mending any previous damage. Anticurl has been around for much longer than those keratin treatments like Brazilian Blowout. Which has been considered controversial ever since it was developed about 10 years ago because of the harmful ingredients like formaldehyde.

Anticurl is an amonium thyoglycolate base that works much like a perm solution but works on more durable protein bonds. The treatment takes half the time of a Brazilian Blowout and is half the price. If you are thinking of getting a Brazilian Blowout but cannot afford it, Anticurl could be your best bet. Your hair will be in much better shape after the treatment than it is now. Ask your stylist about anticurl today. Remember, if your hair looks its best, you may have just find that magic cure to look thinner for the holidays.

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