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Hair Tricks to Take to Bed

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Unless you’re blessed with perfect hair, getting it to look really good takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there’s an alternative for mornings when you want to sleep in instead of primp. We have some easy tricks before you hit the sack, to help you wake up with amazing hair.

We love learning new tricks for styling and maintaining our hair. We have found some hair tricks to take to bed with you and wake up with fabulous hair. With years of experience and tips from clients and friends we came up with these tips, check them out.

9cd49ab9c7ccb48a3c9a4a2ee42750b8You should try the beach-wave technique. After washing and shampooing, we like Purelogy Hydrate shampoo and conditioner, towel dry/air dry or gently blow dry until 80% dry. Apply a curl intensifier, we like Joico Body Lux Root lift throughout hair from roots to ends. Twist random sections (3-5 sections depending on thickness) into twisted buns on top of head.

8778Secure with bobby pins or scrunchies/loose elastics. Go to bed, have a wonderful sleep, then when you wake up unwind your bun waves! Give them a scrunch and reactivate any limp curls with some working spray. Now go blow them away with your textured wavy style!

We love working a bit of Moroccan Oil into our styles and sleeping on a silk pillowcase! We wake up to smooth locks! Dry Shampoo. Spray it don’t rub it in before bed. You will have volume as it soaks up oil and hair feels refreshed. As well it comes with a perfect color match for in between root touch ups.

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