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Hairdressers Can Be Miracle Workers But Never Psychics

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Your hairdresser is capable of transforming your mediocre hair into the style and color of your dreams. But we definitely need to make sure you are moving in the right direction from the very beginning. In a perfect world, your hairdresser would be able to step into your mind and see the vision of your perfect style the same way you do. That way we all could avoid you leaving the hair salon frustrated with your hairdresser hoping you will be back.

In the real world, most people walk into the hair salon with glorious visions, thinking they can get fabulous hair color and a complete style makeover in under two hours and for less than $100. Sitting in the stylist’s chair shouldn’t be stressful or confusing, so why is it sometimes? Knowing how your hairdresser understands things will make your relationship with them so much better. Hairdressers can be miracle workers but never psychics. Of all the things your hairdresser wants you to know before your next appointment, these are the top.

  1. Your Picture vs Your Real Hair.  At Salon F, we love it when you bring in pictures because we know exactly what you want when we can see it with our own eyes. You just have to but make sure that you are realistic your expectations. You must also understand that YOU will have to be the one to style it every day so make sure that you have the styling ability and time in the morning to make it happen.
  2. Cutting Your Ends Really Does Make Your Hair Grow Faster. Some people only get their hair trimmed twice a year and then they are shocked to see the amount of split ends that need to be cut. That three inches of damaged hair you were clinging onto have to be chopped off to make your hair healthy.  When the ends of hair are split, the split creeps up the length and will make your hair break off shorter the longer you leave it and the thinner the bottom of your hair will look. Get your hair micro-trimmed regularly and you will avoid losing so much length and thickness.
  3. Quality and Price Go Together. If you want a quality stylist then you will want them to be educated and up to date on the latest trends and techniques. Continuing education and mentoring cost money. And there is no substitute for experience. No expert in their field is cheap. What you have to ask yourself before you go in is, ‘Is my hair appearance and the way it makes me feel worth the price? If the answer to that question is YES then be prepared to pay. You will both be much happier.
  4. Good Hair Products are Worth Their Weight in Gold. The reason salon products work much better than the ones that you can get at Walmart is simple; the salon products have better ingredients that do not just coat your hair on the outside and make it look better for a while. They actually repair and help maintain the health and integrity of your hair. Bottom line, get the products your stylist recommends.
  5. Be Honest About What You Have Done to Your Hair. Your hairdresser is not a psychic. It is very important to share your story. Have you colored your hair at home recently? Do you have never processed virgin hair? Have you ever had a perm, relaxer or chemical straightening? If you tell your hairdresser everything they will be able to help you better accomplish your hair goals. Just be honest.
  6. Going Lighter is Much More Difficult and Damaging than Going Darker. When you plan go darker or stay a on the same level with a similar shade it is easy because you are adding color molecules into the cortex or the cuticle layers of your hair shaft. By contrast, when you go lighter, your are removing the color molecules (and moisture and nutrients) from your hair, making it look lighter. This process sometimes does not go evenly throughput your hair strand so sometimes it is necessary to even it out by putting color back in after you have lightened it to a level lighter than your desired shade.  Hence, this is a two or three step process as opposed to the one step when going darker.
  7. Hair Color Does not Lighten Previously Colored Hair. Using light brown hair color on dark brown (artifcially colored) hair won’t make your hair lighter. All it will do is add more of those molecules onto your hair shaft. To go from dark to light, you will have to lighten it first and then deposit the light brown color after it is light enough. Sometimes it is better to go lighter gradually with highlights over time.
  8. Always Give Your Hairdresser a Chance to Fix a Mistake or a Miscommunication. If you do not like your hair when you leave the salon, the best thing you can do is go back ASAP and politely, but honestly, explain the situation. You hairdresser wants nothing more than to make you happy. You are the best advertising they have. The difference between and amateur and a professional is that the professional knows how to fix mistakes. We are all human and good hairdresser will always rectify their mistakes.
  9. Be on Time and Tip if You are Satisfied and Happy with Your Hair. Make sure you turn up on time and tipping never hurts. It will make your hairdresser feel appreciated. And if you cannot show up to an appointment it can affect a hairdressers entire daily schedule. Try not to make a habit of running late or cancelling. Your stylist will love you if you are early and they are running ahead of schedule.
  10. Recommend Your Stylist to Your Friends. If you love your new look and your hairdresser is your new BFF. Tell people and spread the word. Most salons like Salon F reward clients referrals with discounts. We really appreciate it when our clients refer their friends and family. We rely heavily on word of mouth so tell people about us and we will reward you. It is a win-win situation.

Remember that your hairdresser should always haave your best interests at heart. We should never be willing to do irreversible damage your hair just because you to the point of no return. In the long run, it will not be worth it for either of us.  The most important thing we want for our clients is for them to have the best looking hair among your group of friends. We want you to be the trend setter. So if you are willing to take our advice and make the sacrifices necessary for your hair to look like your favorite celebrity then, you can have it. And knowing how your hairdresser thinks is the key to getting everything you want out of your hair.

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