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How Can You Make Your Fine Hair Look Fuller?

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There are plenty of ways to enhance your fine, flat hair without making it look old-fashioned or teased like you’re in a 1980’s hair band or a 1950’s mental institution.

So you hate your thin hair. There are plenty of products deemed “volumizing” or “thickening” that proclaim big, giant, sexy hair, but if you have tried them you may find that they fall flat under their own weight or in heavy humidity. So, how can you make your fine hair look fuller? Here are some great ideas for you and your fine hair.

1. Blowdry Your Hair Upside Down.

This creates volume and is a very simple way to modify a step you probably were already going to do. Just make sure to use a heat protector and maybe some volumizing gel at the roots. Too much hot air will make it look frizzy, not full.

2. Get the Right Haircut.

There are tons of hairstyles that make hair look fuller.  Get a straight set of heavy bangs to make the front of your hair look thicker if you like that sort of thing, or get a cool pixie cut that will look purposefully smooth and chic, not accidentally flat. Layers can make your hair look fuller and more dimensional, while a sleek bob looks sexy and sophisticated. If you’ve been wearing your hair in a long and shapeless, you could be making the crown or your hair look flat, weighing down the overall look instead of enhancing it. Just ask  your stylist for the best style for your face shape and hair type.

3. Rinse Thoroughly.

Too much product can make your hair look worse rather than better.  This rule applies to unintentionally left-in products. Make sure to always rinse your shampoo and conditioner out completely, otherwise the residue can make your hair look greasy and flat.

4. Use a Bigger Curl.

Adding some big curls to your hair helps to add a bit of volume, even if the actual shape of the curls doesn’t last very long. If you’re worried about frizziness in addition to fineness, this can help smooth out the appearance of the follicle, as well.

5. Stay Away from Oils.

It may be a good thing to use face oils on your naturally oily skin, it’s best to skip hair products that have oils in them. If you have a tendency to get greasy quickly, these will only speed up that process.

6. Do Not Over-Brush.

Most likely, your hair doesn’t get tangled quite as easily as thicker hair. Brushing your hair too much can stimulate your oil glands and make your scalp overproduce oil, making it look greasy and flat. If you aggressively brush it too much or dry it off by rubbing a towel on it, it can break your hair off  and leave you with less hair overall. Use a wide-tooth comb or just finger brush your hair to keep it from getting tangly.

7. Keep Your Body Healthy.

You must hydrate and eat well. Okay, these two tips basically work for everything in and on your body, but growing healthy, strong hair is another great reason to follow them. You can even add some Biotin or Lechethin as a supplement, if you want something internal.

8. Do Not Over-Wash.

The less you wash your hair, the better. If your scalp is busy rebuilding the amount of oil you’re stripping from it by washing it daily, it never has the chance to recover. Get a couple fashionable hats and experiment with stretching out the time between your washes. It will be hard at first and you may evenl go through a lot of dry shampoo, but the health of your hair will be worth it.

9. Use Dry Shampoo

We are huge fans of dry shampoo. It’s a wonderful magical tool that keeps your hair looking, smelling, and feeling fresh, even if it’s definitely not that day. Just make sure you apply it properly and don’t over-use it.

10. French Lace Instead of Tease.

Use a natural bristle brush instead of a comb when teasing is called French Lacing. Just doing a bit of light French Lacing at the crown of your head can add the perfect amount of fullness, rounding out your style and adding a bit of height to your look. Use a lightweight hairspray on to hold the volume all day long.

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