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How to Be Too Sexy For Your Own Good

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I remember asking my nieces when they were 8 and 10 years old if they would rather be pretty or smart. The younger one immediately said, “Smart!” The older one pondered for a while and then fianlly asked, “How pretty?” I laughed but it made me wonder. There has to be a balance and here are some ideas that we found to help.

Fall is a time for change. It may be the perfect time for you to try something new and sexy with your hair. We looked around and found some styles for every length, that will increase your sex appeal. Do you want to know how to be too sexy for your own good? Here are some great hairstyles for Fall that can get you there quickly and easily.

The reason this pixie cut has been popular since the ‘60s is because it makes those who can pull it off look so feminine and makes any cheekbones look strong. But what modernizes this one is that it is soft on the sides, slightly longer on the top, and the two lengths are seamlessly blended. The other key is adding texture so hair looks effortless and somewhat undone. You can achieve this very easily with just a quarter-size amount of Pomade into towel-dried hair and blow-dry with your fingers to keep the style  loose.


If you want to add an old-school Hollywood glam-look your repertoire, you can opt for a retro updo. The finger wave feel and shiny low bun let your classic silver screen look come to life. Just use some Volumizing Mousse on damp hair and blow-dry the top layers using a round brush. Allow your hair to twist naturally, then pin curl the sections to set them. Let the style cool, and after a few minutes put a light coat of hair spray and then a light whisk with a boar bristle brush. You then gather the strands to one side, securing them with a hair tie. Wrap the hair into a bun shape, and insert bobby pins in a crossed pattern as you construct the bun.


loose curlLOOSE CURLS
Loose curls, not tight ringlets, give this style a romantic but grown-up edge. “Rough-dry hair so it has more volume,” says Olivia Wilde’s stylist, David Babaii. Spritz with a texturizer like ITampLY Pure TextureSpray, then twist each section around the outside of the curling iron, not using the clamp. “The key to making the curls look natural is alternating the direction you wrap every other piece around the curling iron,” says Babii. Apply a light layer of hairspray so the curls will stay in place but look touchable.


Hot blowouts leave your hair shiny and full of movement, not pin-straight. First, find yourself a serious straightening balm. Then, blow dry your hair with a paddle brush, and flat iron just the ends to make them smooth and glossy. You can keep your hair looking glossy and healthy with a liberal dose of any silicon free gloss for a lightweight dose of super shiny locks. You may want to use a French Lacing technique with a natural bristle brush to add a very light tease on the crown for volume.


For a glamorous update on a classic ponytail, flatness is not your friend. Part your hair on the side of your lowest eyebrow, sweep it away from  your forehead, and blowdry it to be as smooth and full as possible with a round brush. For a contrast of volume, tease just the crown with the round brush and use a large curling iron on the ends. Then gather hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band and brush out the curls to your desired softness. For a sophisticated nighttime look, wrap a strand of your hair around the elastic and bobby-pin to camouflage it from view.

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