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How to Stop Damaging Your Hair

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We all want beautiful, healthy  hair, but sometimes we do things that damage our hair. You should always try to avoid repetitive damage. This means maybe changing up your daily routine. Damaged hair tends to break and breakage can leave you with frizzy, unhealthy looking hair. If you stay on that path too long you will continue to damage your hair and eventually see thinning hair or even sparse spots.

Healthy hair is the key to making any color or cut look its best. To keep your hair looking healthy, you need to know how to stop damaging your hair. It is necessary to get into a daily routine with your hair. But there is a right way and a wrong way to wash it,  brush it, dry it, and even style it.  Sometimes you might even throw it in a ponytail or whip up a braid.

The problem with some of our little habits is that they make our hairdresser’s job so much harder.  Sometimes this daily routine is the very thing that keeps us from having the healthy, shiny hair you want and need. This is what you need to stop doing if you want prettier strands. Which ones do you need to STOP doing?

  • Stop Pulling  on Split Ends. So many women pull on their split ends. Just remember that you are actually shredding your hair and creating a more uneven split ends that are harder to fix. Instead, get a quick trim at the salon and cut them off, then they are gone forever.
  • Stop Brushing Your Wet Hair. It’s not a good idea to brush wet hair with just any brush. A wide-tooth comb is a better bet. It doesn’t pull or tug on the hair and can be used on any texture or length.
  • Stop Sleeping  in a Ponytail. Sleeping in a ponytail causes breakage right at the point of the elastic hair-tie and that is usually right around the crown of  your head. If you like your hair off your face, sleep in a loose braid off to the side and keep the end as loose as you can.
  • Stop Spraying Too Close to Your Head. You should always give the can of dry shampoo or hairspray a good shake before you spray. This will give you a better product distribution. And remember to extend your spraying arm out all the way. Aerosol products work best when they combine with the air before they reach your head.
  • Stop Using Rubber Bands. Rubber bands snag the hair when you loop it around too many times. The rubber sticks to your hair and tears it when you take it out. Instead,  you should use a bungee like hair tie. You just hook one side into the ponytail while you hold your hair in your hands, then wrap the bungee around the ponytail and clasp the ends together.
  • Stop Brushing from Roots to Ends. It  is so frustrating for a hairdresser to watch someone brush their own hair. And it is not because we just want to get in there and do it, it is because people start at the root when brushing or combing. You can literally hear the hair being ripped from the roots or worse yet broken off in the middle. You should always start at the ends of your hair to remove the tangles there first. Then work your way up towards the root. This will reduce split ends and frizzy breakage.
  • Stop Overusing Clarifying Shampoos.  Clarifying shampoos are actually damaging since they literally strip away all the good oils and make your scalp overproduce. Essentially making your hair greasy all over again. Instead, a volume-enhancing shampoo and conditioner will degrease without stripping out the natural oils that your hair needs.
  • Stop Roughing Up Your Hair. Towel drying your hair too roughly and messing it up in every direction will cause tangling and breakage. It also opens the delicate cuticle layer on the outside of your individual hair shaft, which can cause irreparable damage. When the cuticles are closed, they reflect light and hair appears smooth and shiny. When they’re open, hair looks dry, dull and fuzzy. Always towel-dry your hair by wringing it out first, then move downwards from root to ends.

If you can stop doing these things during your daily routine, you can prevent further damage to your hair. Chances are, you will avoid dealing with the majority of daily hair breakage. You will also be able to prevent snags, tangles and hair that seems anything but smooth. Now that you know the main culprits that can do a majority of the damage during your morning routine, you can avoid them and maintain beautiful, healthy looking hair.

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