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How to Work With Your Hair Texture

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Hair styling and texturing takes a lot of practice. You need to find the right techniques and use the right balance of time and sequential steps for your hair and your lifestyle. There are some interesting styling secrets and texturing tips that will help you get the best results for you and your hair texture type.

Getting your texture right is very important and much easier once you have all the right tools. It is very important to know how to use styling tools and products so you can get the most out of your hair’s texture. Here are some great tips and advice on how to work with your hair texture.

What type of texture do you have? Hair textures are divided into distinct categories. There are some elements that go into defining hair texture. If you decide to change your texture you must keep in mind your natural hair texture to make things go much more smoothly. This way you can choose products and tools based on your texture type and have a you will know how different textures will behave and hold in your hair. This will help you choose the right style that suits your natural texture and makes it easier for you to do.  Other factors like density, length, width and porosity also can affect your texture. You should take some time and ask your hairdresser what type of hair you have and how your texture works so you can find the best style for you. There are four texture types that are categorized by their natural curl pattern.

  •  Straight, smooth hair that has no curl pattern at all. This hair type is usually shinier because the natural oils and sebum from the scalp transfer all the way down the hair shaft and reflect the light much better. Straight hair is generally flat and when you texture it you will want to use a stronger hold product. This type of texture does not naturally hold curls well.
  • Naturally wavy hair, is the type of hair that forms that beautiful, large “S” shape. This is that natural, beachy wave that everyone wants. The tightness of the wave can vary from person to person. This type of hair is usually not very frizzy and usually has a perfect balance of natural oils to keep it from looking dry.
  • Curly hair, is the type of hair that the strands form a tighter and smaller “S” shapes. This type of texture looks a lot like a perfectly coiled spring and has a lot of definition and individualized ringlets. This type of hair texture is also prone to dryness since it is not as easy for the natural oils to travel down the hair shaft.
  • Tight ringlets, usually forms a cloudy mass of hair. This texture type lacks the individual characteristic of curls.  This texture type tends to be very dry and needs moisture daily.

Does your hair have more than one type of texture? We all know that hair texture can change over time. But there may be a section of your hair that is smoother or healthier than others. Or it may go the other way and there might be a part that is more damaged than the rest. Many factors can affect this, especially changes in the humidity levels in your area’s weather climate.  You must embrace the differences in your hair texture because it is much easier to work with it than it is to work against it. Transitions in texture are normal, and all you need to do is switch up your hair care routine and give your hair a little more attention. Usually, your hair will adapt in a few short days you will notice that you’re having an easier time. Styling your hair will last longer, and your hair will look and feel much better than before.

Do you know how to properly straighten or curl your  hair? When you’re using a flat-iron do you tend to run the iron over your hair a more or less? Most people like to run the flat iron over their hair multiple times very quickly. This is a really common mistake and this how hair can get damaged as a result of heat styling. You must move very slowly down the hair strands and only use a couple of passes. The scraping and stretching along with the heat is what does the majority of the damage. You can actually keep your hair healthy and use a flat- iron fairly as often as you need but if you apply intense heat to the same area without cooling time, it will literally fry your hair. The same goes for curling irons.

Are you overusing your styling products? It is extremely important to use the right texturing products. When you style your hair and you want the texture to last over a day, it can be tempting to add more products every day. However, there is an easier and healthier way to maintain texture without weighing down your hair. It is as simple as, flipping your hair upside down and running your fingers through it. You must concentrate on the roots. This adds lift at the roots and will redistribute some of the accumulated product. Then, take some water in a spray bottle and spritz it all over your hair. You could also use a light-hold hairspray. If you take these steps, you will revive the products in your hair and will strengthen the texture.

There’s no end to the things that you can do with your hair. Knowing your texture will help you get healthier, happier hair. And remember, if your hair does not fall perfectly into one of these categories, it is  not unusual to have a variety of natural hair textures. Identifying certain patterns does help in creating routines and products so you can use the proper techniques that work the best for you.

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