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Is Dry Shampoo Your Answer?

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If you are a busy person, you typically don’t wash and dry your hair every morning. It can be too long of a process. Which is why you may want to try the newest versions of of dry shampoo with color added for covering your gray roots.

It seems like a lot of our clients want to know how to use dry shampoo as a styling tool.  Is dry shampoo the answer to add volume to your hair? The latest versions of dry shampoo sprays will all dimension to your texture and body to your hair enabling you to skip shampooing for a day or two.   We love the new colored brands that you can use to cover gray roots.


Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wash

Typically, dry shampoos come in spray or powder form, and not only soak up oil, they also clean hair, water-free, and leave you smelling fresh. Plus, for those of you who have the time to wash your hair every day or are just a bit more anal retentive about the cleanliness of  your head, dry shampoos also give your hair a volume boost. That is what the good dry shampoos are designed to do. Not all dry shampoos are created equal. And if you have tried them you can certainly attest to that. A really good dry shampoo can make your morning routine much easier and  simplify your life. So, which ones are just okay and which ones fall flat?

CBNepHoWYAAo9zrPaul Mitchell’s Dry Wash seems to work the best for our clients that just need volume. The new Moroccan Oil tinted versions are the best for the combination of covering gray roots and adding volume. Just about all the major companies claim advantages of styling the hair with a dry texture product.  When sprayed on the ends you can achieve a light texture with some movement.  At the roots it provides lift.  For up-dos, volume.  It’s worth a try to experiment.  Of course we all need the benefit of refreshing our hair when there is no time to blow dry and style.   A big time saver!

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