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Make the Most of Your Fine Hair

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Thick, healthy, luxurious hair worthy of a supermodel is what many women dream of, but it can be a never-ending struggle to try to make fine, limp hair look big and voluminous. Many things can effect fine hair and can contribute to more thinning hair, so we have a few simple tips and ideas for your fine hair..

When we reach a certain age, hair can become thin and fine, which can cause a lot of frustration. The battle to find a hairdresser that can keep your hair from going flat seems to be a losing effort.If you want to make the most of your fine hair you really need to treat it differently than years past and follow a some different rules if you want to gain more body and volume to your fine hair.

After washing your hair with a thickening shampoo, towel dry it and allow it to dry slightly before using a wide comb to detangle. Work from the tips of your hair and then move back up. Most importantly, never rip the comb through wet hair. This can cause breakage or stretching of your fragile locks. Here are a few guidelines to follow

  1.  Blunt Lines – Short or long, fine hair looks best with strong, blunt perimeter lines.  Some face-framing highlights to create the illusion of depth and fullness also helps. Layers, should be disconnected to avoid stringy ends. When you style,  use a lightweight root-lifter and  heat with a round brush at the roots. Hold the brush in place and use the cool button for a few seconds to lock the style in place.
  2. Use The Right Products – To encourage volume and help it hold all day, layer in volumizing products., For maximum, volume when blow drying, use a round brush and lift hair straight up as you dry.
  3. Use Texture – Adding texture creates style support and volume . Try coloring or highlighting your hair or use a curling wand to add instant texture and movement.
  4. Powder Products Work – Volumizing powders that go to the roots are a great way to get a boost of volume. These can be in a spray form or a shaker to be placed at the roots. Sea salt spray is also a great way to add volume.
  5. Use Conditioning on the Ends – Many women with fine hair think that conditioner is a bad thing. They feel that it weighs down their hair or makes the cuticle too compact and flat, but this is a big misconception. Over time, hair becomes dry, dull and brittle. Always use conditioner, putting it on the ends only if you’re afraid to inhibit lift.
  6. Use Volumizing Sprays – Volumizing spray can rescue your fine hair from going flat. But you should use caution  when you spritz this volumizing spray to ensure that only the sides are applied and not the top of the hair. The product should be sprayed on damp hair.
  7. Try a Volumizing Mousse – If you’re afraid to use a gel that gives your hair unnatural hold and makes your hair look greasy,  switch to a volumizing mousse created specifically to boost hair volume. A golf ball-sized amount should work for most lengths. Then, use a wide tooth comb to run the product throughout your hair before blow drying with a round brush
  8. Understand Your Hair –  Not all fine flat hair is the same. You need to assess what kind of products or brands had worked for you in the past and stick with them. Experimentation is good but make sure you have a backup plan just in case
  9. Use Color to Make Your Hair look Thicker – Although dark hair can give the look of thickness, it can also show a strong contrast to your pale scalp. Sometimes, it can make your thinning hair look thinner. Try adding highlights in a lighter color or go lighter in color altogether. Make sure you do not go too light making your hair translucent.  Highlights help give your hair depth, while lightening your color can help in camouflaging thinning hair by not only thickening the shaft, but allowing for less drastic contrast between hair and scalp.

Just Remember that the most flattering length for fine, straight hair is somewhere between your chin and collarbone. Growing it longer than shoulder length could work against you. It can look even thinner and flatter.  A blunt cut, and possibly some disconnected layers, brings out the fullness. Bobs are a good choice. Straight bangs can add to your flair, but they may not be for you.  And avoid razor cutting. Razors and fine hair are never a good mix. It can make it look really frizzy and much thinner.

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