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Ready For a Hair Change

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Have you ever walked into a salon frantically, sat in the chair and told the stylist. “I want this haircut that I found on Pinterest?” Then the stylist laughs, because they get that a lot. And even crazier still, you put the fate of your hair into the hands of a complete stranger.

The first time you see your favorite actress with a new hairstyle, do you immediately want that haircut? Then, it does not turn out quite the same on you and you suffer years of regretful haircuts and tearful botched color jobs. So is a new hairstyle really worth it? You non-commitment seekers of the world, ready for a hair change, we’re here to help.

If you’ve had the same style for more than a decade, it may be time for a change. People often take out frustration on their hair when they feel like they are unhappy with themselves, or feel out of control. So you head out in search of the almighty OZ, the hair wizard to fix your old tired life on top of your head. Then finally, after over a month of living with it, you figure out that you’re not sorry you did it. You may adore long hair, but change is good, hair grows back. People resist change and might not love your new do, but that is okay and to be expected. You got to take some risks and live a little.


  1. You’ve been rockin’ the same style for more than a decade… check in, is this style outdated or old fashioned? We often get stuck in our “hair prime”. The 80’s perm, waterfall bangs, scrunchies and claw clips, or trapped beneath a long blanket of lifeless hair. You can still maintain length or a similar look, just freshen it up to create a modern updated style.
  2. You wear it up more than you wear it down. If you are ponytailin’ it daily, it might be time to chop chop !
  3. If your long hair becomes super jagged, frail, thin and transparent, it’s time to let it go… Long hair isn’t pretty if it looks like it got caught in the garbage disposal. Trim it to it’s thickest and healthiest point and then maintain tiny trims regularly to allow it to regerow thicker and healthier.
  4. You’ve been thinking about cutting it for longer than a month or two. If you are wanting to cut your hair on an emotional impulse, give it a little time. Check yourself… anything going on your life? Break-up with your boyfriend? Hating your job? Take a deep breath, try reading a self help book, go to a yoga class or talk to someone before you take it out on your hair. Get through your life crisis, if you still want to cut your hair, go for it!
  5. If your current hair isn’t serving you, it doesn’t flatter or make you feel like your best self, find a great stylist, consult with them and invest in a new style and cut, one that is flattering, realistic for your lifestyle and easily maintained. You’ll feel great.

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