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Shade Brond and James Bond

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We have all seen the hair color trends of the last few years. It has been a wild ride through the entire color wheel. From the brightest blondes, to the deepest browns and even to granny shades of grey. Everything seemed a bit tacky and artificial. So, what is next? The latest trend is neither tacky or fake. It blends two of the most classic shades, with a fresh spin. We call it Brond and if the red carpet is any indication of ubiquity, it is a huge trend.

Brond is the new black, so to speak. You can always tell what is trendy when you watch what the new bond girl is wearing. So what do the Shade Brond and James Bond have in common? Trend setting. Just watch what Monica Bellucci does after becoming the new Bond Girl.

Brond might look like a typo to your auto-correct but brond is actually a combo term for a hair color trend that mixes blonde and brown shades together. Less intense than ombre hair yet more impactful than simple blonde streaks, this look is all over the red carpets and runways. So, how do you make it work for you?

If you have darker hair and a tan skin tone, ask for golden, multidimensional tones. But if you’re paler, ash tones will look great. Either way, just make sure the contrast isn’t too far from your roots. If you’re not ready to take the all-over brond color plunge, try face-framing highlights in warmer tones like gold, honey, caramel, and cognac. Keeping your color bright around your face and darker at the crown and back is the key to natural, sun-kissed hair. Plus, it mimics the way the sun will lighten your hair as well.

Which leads us to the other bonus of this new hair color technique: It’s low-maintenance. You won’t get the high-contrast dark roots that come from coloring your hair all blonde or the straight-across root line that shows up when you go full-on vibrant red or brown. Similar to the balyage trend, brond hair keeps your roots looking natural as they grow in, making upkeep less urgent each month. Plus, you’ll look sun-kissed and glamorous. We’d call that a win-win.

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