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Skintone is Everything When it Comes to Hair Color

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Your choice in hair color should have less to do about the model in the picture you found with the hair color YOU like and more about what hair color YOUR SKIN likes. The perfect hair color will complement your skintone and make your best facial features pop. It can make you look years younger if it is done right. Get it wrong, and well, looking unnatural, washed out, tired,and old is never on our to do list.

The perfect color of hair for YOU is not a trend. When it comes to hair color, skintone is everything. The shade that will make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle is brought about by chemistry and science through hair color theory but more importantly it is affected by your natural skintone, hair pigment and eye color. Changing your natural hair color is never as simple as magically transforming your hair into the model in the picture you found. And it certainly does not work with one box of color you found at the grocery store.

Did you know that 55 percent of women color their hair nowadays? So, before you go out and buy that hair color off the shelf at your local grocery store, there are three things to consider if you really want your hair to look like the model on the box.

  1. How healthy do you want your hair to look? Common sense tells us that your natural hair color is the shade range that you should stay within. If you go too far outside of it and you’re likely to wind up with hair that is not only damaged and dull, but fake looking against your skintone. Your skin and natural hair color have the same underlying pigments.
  2. What is your natural hair and skin color pigmentation? When you change your hair color with permanent hair color, it removes the natural underlying pigments in your hair. So for the longest-lasting and most natural-looking color, think about the color that the sun turned your hair when you were a kid. Those tones are your natural tones and are what you should stick with when you color your hair.
  3. How light or dark do you want to go? Hair color is measured in two ways: by the level and the shade. Color level runs on a scale of one to 10 with one being the darkest color, like jet-black and 10 being the lightest color, like platinum blonde. Within each of those levels are color pigments. Cooler colors live at the darker levels and warmer colors are lighter in most cases. That is why your hair turns bright orange when you lighten it too much. If your hair shade is somewhere in the middle (levels 5-6), you’re going to have more orange pigments,which are a combination of the red and yellow.

People with warm skin tones  are usually accompanied by green, hazel, amber, or warm brown eyes.• Your skin looks healthiest in off-white or beige shirts.• Coral, terracotta red, and chocolate brown lipsticks are more flattering than pinks or blue-based reds.• The veins on your wrist have a greenish tint.• And gold jewelry looks best on you.

People with cool skin tones usually have eyes that are blue, gray, greenish-blue with gray flecks, or a deep brown that borders.• Your skin looks healthiest in pure white shirts.• Pink or blue-based red lipsticks and corals, terracotta reds, and chocolate browns don’t work as well.• The veins on your wrist have a blue tint.• Silver jewelry looks best on you.

People with full skin tones will usually have dark brown eyes.• Your skin looks healthiest in brightly hued clothing, like royal purple or green. • The darker your skin tone is, the easier you can pull off more intense colors on your lips. Plums, reds and deep burgundies look great with your skin.• The veins on your wrist usually have a purple tint.• You can pull off both silver and gold jewelry.

So if you really want to have the perfect hair color of  for you, you really need to understand your underlying pigments and your natural skintone. Your skin will glow and your eyes reach out and grab you. Changing your natural hair color is a good thing if you keep parts of what you naturally have and improve on it. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. When your skintone likes your hair color, YOU will love it.


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