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The Ombre is Dead – Get Toffee for the Holidays

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The Ombre, like Babylon had its day but we are glad to say that there is a new, more civilized version making the trend a bit more palatable and aesthetically pleasing. As we come to the holiday season and feel the need to please those relatives that we only see this time of year, we are beginning to see a more natural trend emerge.

The Balayage has replaced the Ombre as a superior technique. It utilizes a more subtle vibe and is becoming a huge trend for the holidays. The latest version that we call “Toffee” at Salon F, uses a Balayage technique and is darker with more natural colors. The Ombre is dead – get Toffee for the holidays.

With smooth caramel tones, this coloring trend is a slightly richer and darker version of your natural color paired with golden highlights and a whole lot of shine. The look, which began trending earlier this year, tends to also be darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. We like this trend so much more because it is a much more polished version of the dipped tip, abrupt Ombre. You can also strike a few Balayage highlights on top of this rich shade and and a gloss to keep it shiny to reflect the color. It is so much more multidimensional, and classy.

To get the “Toffee” look, the next time you come into the salon, this is what you have to look forward to:

  1. toffee 2While only a few stylists at some of the top salons across the country are doing a similar trend called the tortoiseshell, you need to know exactly what this technique looks like. It is really starting to get some notice this fall. Your hairdresser will know exactly what to do if you can show them a picture of what you want.
  2. We can help you choose the best combination of colors that will suit your complexion. If you are not sure how to pick the proper color palate for you, then we can explain where to darken the base color a bit and add in some lighter color, some gloss and some darker pieces.
  3. Our main focus will be on some really vibrant, face-framing highlights in the front while adding softer pieces all around the rest of your head.
  4. You should expect multidimensional tones that are deeper at the roots and lighter at the ends. And it will look nothing like a bleach-dipped Ombre.
  5. We will make sure that the tones in your hair match your complexion. If you are fair-skinned you should expect some golden tones. If you are olive-skinned or have a pink complexion, you will need a cooler ash tone to enhance your skin’s sun-kissed look.

You should always know what you are getting into.This color is involved and takes some time to get right, so be prepared to spend just a little more and make just a little more time for your visit to the salon. If you start with natural color on the top and we can use that, you will save some time and money. We hope to see you this holiday season tossing your trendy hair from side to side flaunting it at all of those holiday parties.

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