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The Power Hair Cut for Women

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Like most fashions, hairstyle trends are often cyclical and the hottest above-the shoulders display for women in the limelight can be a pixie cut. From celebrities to politicians and many business women, have gained attention recently by cropping their locks.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Perceptions are made about who you are. So for the ambitious and successful, what is the definition of the power hair cut for women?

For the celebrities lately, cutting their hair into the pixie style may also represent changes within themselves. Critics demand to know why they crop their locks with some staying quiet and others like, Emma Watson, stating their haircuts were indicative of life changes and her in case proving that she was “not a little girl anymore.”

It is not a woman’s face that gives her away or defines who she is, but at first glance, it is her hair. If it is long, luscious, and wavy she might come off as high maintenance, too fixated on her looks, and rather girlish, but when it comes to those with a shorter power hair cut, these women appear confident, more mature, and look to be taken more seriously. This dichotomy presents a disheartening disconnect between femininity and intelligence, with women either choosing to avoid traditional sexual attractiveness or be thought of less intelligent.

The type of woman who goes for a shorter cut is one who knows she does not need to rely just on her looks to get ahead, but that her brain is enough. The methodology behind this is that hair does matter and can in fact adversely affect your career.

Is is not just the length that counts. Sometimes having hair that is too curly can also come across as looking too silly and playful in business, since curls are often associated with little school girls. Messy hair with split ends can show a lack of self-esteem, and color definitely can also work against you.

Short hair, curly hair or trendy color does not equal less intelligence. Sometimes hair transformations make you stand out among a sea of Victoria’s Secret waves. Short hair makes other people think you have good intentions, determination and an agenda. Your face is no longer a stage surrounded by a curtain. People look at women as multidimensional now. So, as far as short hair goes, this empowered image is something that society, both male and female, may find inspirational beyond traditional concepts. In that sense, it is quite remarkable how much influence our hair can have on our psyches and how others view us. So choose your style wisely, and maybe try out the crop and see if it ends up working in your favor. It can’t hurt. Your hair is not just a distraction but a powerful tool for success.

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