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The Short Hair Checklist – Chopping it Off

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You have decided that you want to get your haircut but you are worried about the consequences. How can you know if what you have in mind will actually suit you? Make sure before you take the step and cut your hair that you make an informed decision.

Cutting your hair short hair can feel like a blind leap of faith.  Should you lop off the hair it took months, sometimes years to grow and if so how short do you go? Here is what we call the short hair checklist so you can decide if and which short haircut is right for you.

  1. Find out your face shape. Your face shape can gives hints as to what you might look like with shorter hair. For example, If you have a round face avoid cutting your hair too close to your chin. This will enhance a round face. Most other face shapes will suit a style just above the shoulder.
  2. Check the thickness.  As long as your hair is not both frizzy and thick, strand thickness should not be an issue.  However, if it is on the thicker side you might need to style it more once it’s been cut. Your hairdresser will be able to tell you your hair thickness once you’re there.
  3. Find out what your hair texture is. The texture of your strands will affect the way your hair will fall once you’ve cut off some length.  If you have thick, coarse or frizzy hair you should avoid cutting your hair too short. This type of hair is even more prone to frizz post-cut.
  4. Know the health of your hair. If your hair needs a bit of love, your hairdresser can help work out a style that will work best for you. All haircuts look better with healthy hair. But if your hair health has been compromised, you should go for a more textured look as this is easier to style even though it may be more work than healthy hair, it will look better.
  5. Figure out which hairstyles you like. Think about how you like to wear your hair and how you will want to style it once it is gone. Some styles like braids and twists can be tricky but you can still experiment with a variety of techniques. You could have sleek and straight, textured and messy, or wear it wavy. To ensure optimum versatility make sure the hair is cut from the middle to keep the hair texture through the ends and around the face.
  6. Think about the maintenance after the cut. You’ll need to return to your hairdresser every six weeks at most. This will help you maintain the shape but the good news is that your hair should only really require minimal styling to achieve the right look.

Remember, your stylist is your hair’s best friend. We can help you decide on the right style for your face shape and features. We can also tell if you are emotionally and mentally ready for a short haircut. If you are not quite ready to chop it all off, we will help you find an alternate hairstyle that will give you the change you are craving without leaving you with a short hairstyle you will hate.

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