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The Tortoiseshell Trend is Hot

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Just when you thought you’d sorted out your bronde from your balayage, there’s a new term to add to your ever-expanding hair vocabulary: Tortoiseshell, the rich new popular shade seen on celebs like Jessica Alba and Giselle.

If you’re thinking the tortoiseshell trend is hot but is it just another version of ombré or balayage technique? It is, just softer. The difference is the tortoiseshell richens up your natural color by either darkening with lowlights or coloring your natural hair to deepen it and enhance the tone. Highlights are added on top and placed a bit higher than ombré to look less dipped or grown out and more multidimensional.

  • WHO: We have all seen some of our favorite celebs like Sofia Vergara with the new “bronde” hair. Her flowing mane is a perfect combination of golden blondes, caramels, chestnuts and chocolates, together creating a color trend that is known as tortoiseshell or ecaille.
  • WHAT: Tortoiseshell is a great way to warm up and add dimension to hair. We use aspects of the ombré and sombré trends of the last few years, the tortoiseshell is essentially a combination of both of these techniques into one. The trick to achieving the perfect tortoiseshell effect is to tie together the more bold and extreme look of ombré and marry it with a darker root. It looks similar to the sombre by remaining soft and subtle throughout.
  • WHY: It is so important to communicate properly in any relationship. Your stylist is no different. When our clients ask for this look, we  suggest bringing in a photo of the exact desired look to provide clear communication between us.  A photo also lets us know how much commitment a woman wants to give the tortoiseshell look so we can dictate the subtly or boldness of the application.
  • HOW: To get and maintain tortoiseshell hair, we ask our clients shampoo their hair every other day at most. But if you absolutely must wash every day, it’s essential to use color-preserving shampoos and conditioners that are gentle and sulfate-free, which help to prolong the tortoiseshell look. We also recommend color drops to mix in with your shampoo and conditioner that help restore color and shine.

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