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Those Models are Not as Pretty as You?

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“They ain’t all that.” Many young women get an inferiority complex because they feel they don’t fit the fashion model mold. Maybe they feel that they are not thin enough or beautiful enough. Is the standard too high that is set by those glossy pictures in magazines? Some people will even keep some of those pictures close to the refrigerator to keep themselves from overindulging. The truth is, those models have flaws too.

So, I have a lot of clients that love to look through the fashion magazines and compare themselves and their friends to the cover models. You have probably heard in your own circles “those models are not as pretty as you.” I have been following my friend and photographer, Gary Brown, behind the scenes at Fashion Week in NYC, this Fall. Gary Brown has basically seen it all.

Here are some real reasons that models may not be as beautiful as you’d think. We have both been behind the scenes with them, done their har and makeup and talked with them. When you run into them when you are out and about you will be surprised.

The first thing that you will notice is that many (runway models especially) are awkwardly thin in person. As we all know by now, to be a successful model these days you have to cut calories almost to the point of starvation. So imagine what 8 percent body-fat  looks like on someone with no muscle mass.  It just is not that pretty. Have you heard the saying that  the camera will add 10 pounds? Well, it really does. Just think, those thin, statuesque women in the magazines are even thinner in person, wow! The average runway model in NY is not extraordinary. She is just taller than average 5′ 9.5″and shockingly thin. A lot of models have bad hair from improper nutrition and overuse of their locks. What’s hot on the runway is not hot in real life: Lack of muscle tone, no breasts and protruding bones. Is that sexy to you?

The second thing that you will notice is that they do not have perfect skin. Ever seen those facial cleanser ads that feature a picture of a rather average-looking woman getting transformed into a billboard ad? We all know airbrushing happens but you cannot expect perfection from yourself when the example is doctored to the hilt.  Many models lack  perfect skin.  The fact is many celebs and models have horrible skin. Magazine pros like Gary Brown can bring out the best in a model but he can also Photoshop their flaws into perfection. So we can all be comfortable stuck with all of our perfectly normal imperfections.

The third thing that you will notice is that hairdressers and makeup artists are worth their weight in Gold. Just check out Kevyn Aucoin’s book “Making Faces” or “Face Forward” and you will see what I mean.  I can see that it does not matter what a person looks like, a great makeup artist can make Sonny look like Cher. The hair that you see is not always as it appears. You will see a lot of backstage hair pieces and extensions. You may really envy that thick, long hair on your favorite model or celeb, but what you are seeing is not real.

And finally the last thing that you will notice is that celebs and models have their frumpy days too. I remember shopping on Melrose Avenue in LA when my friend told me that Pamela  and Tommy Lee were walking into the store that we were in. I remember thinking to myself that I thought Pamela Lee would be a lot taller and way better looking. But it was really her and we got to see the real Pamela.  Apparently she prefers the messy ponytails and tattered jeans on her frumpy days too…

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