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Top 5 Haircuts for 30 Something Women

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Your 30’s can be a strange transition. Hopefully you have outgrown those wild, try anything, up all night times of your 20’s. But you may not be quite ready to sit at home knitting with mug of tea. What you really want is something in the middle. You want something fun that’s good for an exciting night out with friends, with a splash of impulse, and without the unidentified mystery bruises and unbearable hangover.

When a woman gets into her 30s she is busy building a career, finding her soulmate, and starting a family. Her haircut needs to keep up. We came up with our top 5 haircuts for 30 something women. So you can look forward to turning the big 3-0.

1_soft-pixieSOFT PIXIE

A short cut is perfect for women who are on the move. While this cut isn’t exactly wash and go, your drying time will be seriously reduced. But not all pixies are created equal: Ask your stylist for layers that are barely noticeable and keep the sides from looking choppy or fluffy. All it takes to style is a bit of pomade or a spritz of volumizing spray to give the roots a boost. The goal is for this to look effortless. It is not the best choice for those with coarse, curly hair. As it will require lots of styling. It’s such a confident style and at 30, that’s how you should be.


wavy bobWAVY BOB

This haircut is a beautiful way to do a bob. Shorter in back and slightly angled in front, it has so much volume and shows off your natural texture. It’s easy to style and flatters just about every face shape and hair texture. Just blow-dry with a diffuser until it’s about 60 percent dry, then let your natural texture take care of the rest. Curl a few face-framing pieces, and run a pomade through the ends to make them look piecey





The best thing about all of these styles is that they look so effortless, but put together. A collarbone-length cut is one of the most versatile. You can wear it up or down without it getting in the way. For those with round or heart-shaped faces, ask your stylist for a version that’s all one length with blunt ends. If your face is oval or square, request a few face-framing layers to give it dimension and accentuate your cheekbones. Those with thicker hair will also want to ask their stylist to texture, eliminating bulk and that old-fashioned helmet head. All this cut needs for that tousled finish is a little volumizing spray before blow-drying. Spritz from the roots to mid-shaft for the best results.

medium tousledTOUSLED LAYERS

For your 30s, you want your hair to do its own thing and not look overdone. The perfect way to do just that is with this wavy, medium-length cut. Because of its length, anyone can pull off this cut—heart-shaped or square face, coarse or fine hair. Using your natural part, ask for layers that start at your chin. They make waves look even more bouncy and straight hair look fuller.





You do not have to try bangs (fringe) as a way to cover up signs of aging. There is actually a much better reason to give bangs a try. They frame your best features, your eyes and your lips . Those with round faces can pull off blunt styles, while others should go for a  longer, softer version that angles down at the corners. Long length with layers that are below-the-shoulder to complement the length. All you have to do is blow-dry smooth with a round brush with a little bend at the ends for softness and dab a gloss or polisher at the ends for major shine.  Your hair will look healthy and totally age appropriate.

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