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What Makes YOU Our Favorite Customer

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We have greeted and looked you in the eyes and shook your hand or even gave you a hug. You have listened to our suggestions and let us cut, color, and style you to perfection. We have looked over your shoulders at pictures of your favorite celebrities, color swatches, and your high school photos. You have given us your time, trust, and ultimately the ability to wake up everyday and do what we love. We consider you friends and there is no better job than hanging out with your friends all day and helping them feel better about themselves.

During our forty-five years that Salon F has been in business, we have seen so many new faces. But most stylists can count our most favorite clients by handfuls. It really has nothing to do with how much you pay, which services you receive, or how you ended up returning time and again. It has everything to do with the respect you have for our time. Your respect for what we do, and how you treat us as more than a paid attendant. What makes YOU our favorite customer is a lesson in our everyday lives.

We put those clients on our short list. Our list of those clients who we can squeeze in on a busy day or stay late for, give special discounts to, and just generally go out of our way to take care of way above and beyond what is expected. These are the things that make YOU make US big fans and trusted friends of our best customers.

  1. YOU are always on time or early. We do literally everything we can to make sure we run precisely on time for our clients, so please do the same for us. Waltzing over to the salon fifteen minutes after your start time because “brunch with the girls ran late” is not polite. What that means to us is that we’ll be running fifteen minutes late all day and will probably have to skip lunch, which is not fun for anyone. We understand things happen, but give us a call to say you’re running late at the very least. We all have that one amazing client who comes in ten minutes early to almost every appointment. And usually has a vanilla latte in hand for her stylist too. We are always so excited to see you.
  2. To YOU, money is not the object. Every time we have raised our prices, we are met with anger and other forms of negativity from clients. As a hairdresser, a price raise is a very exciting thing. It means we have worked hard to meet educational requirements and have learned enough to excel to the next level. But celebrating a “promotion” never comes because we know the price increase means losing some of you, our valued clients.  In order for us to create a sustainable business, we have to be able to do things like raise prices to cover increased costs. It’s nothing personal and it doesn’t mean that we no longer value the time we have had together and hopefully will have, it just means that we need to keep moving forward to stay in business. Our most loved clients come in for us and not for the price. We love them so much for that.
  3. YOU send your friends in. We all have that super-social client who has a ton of friends and after seeing us, has gorgeous hair.  We have referral discounts and we love it when you use them. And we are more than willing to give you certain perks in exchange for spreading the word. Heading to a party after getting your hair blown out? Ask for some business cards to hand out. Check in at our salon on Facebook, post photos to yourself on our Facebook wall or post photos of your hair to your own Facebook and let your friends know who does it. Trust us, we will see it and send rewards your way. The best way to build clientele is through word of mouth and we definitely prefer to build our business that way. That is what makes you our best clients, the ones that promote us. We can attribute our success to YOU.
  4. You are always realistic and embrace what you’ve got. We all wish we had celebrity hair. And their talents and bank accounts while we’re making a wish list. But let’s be real with each other here, we don’t.  And that’s not a bad thing. You are you exactly as you are and that’s perfection in itself. So let us work our magic and make your hair look as full, shiny, and bouncy as it can look. Let us show you how to style your hair so that it can look its best when you aren’t in the salon. But let’s put down the magazines and photos of those celebrities and their airbrushed makeup and hair extensions. And let’s look into the mirror and embrace the curl, the natural undertone of your color, and the natural part you always try to fight. Trust us, we will both be happier if you can accept the real you and let us make that the best “you” you’ve ever seen. Remember, we consider most of our clients friends and there is no better job than making your friends feel better about themselves all day long…
  5. You always trust your stylist. It all boils down to one thing, really: trust. There’s no better way to get on your hairdresser’s good side than to trust them. You’ve chosen us because you know what academy we went to, you have a friend who sees us and loves us, you have read a review online or you just love our vibe. Whatever the reason, you have chosen us. And we are truly honored. And beyond that, we truly do want you to look your best. When we suggest a slight variation in the color you want, it’s not because we want to be right. It’s because we know that particular blonde might wash you out a bit and we want you to look glowing and healthy. Or those bangs you showed us a photo of? We just know that you’ll hate them within a month and ask us why we let you make the commitment… So let’s just commit to trust each other and have a great time! And if you go the extra mile and bring us a smile and respect. Well, girlfriend, you have got yourself a hairdresser and friend for life!

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