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What to do With a Round Face Shape

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A proper hairstyle will flatter and skillfully mask the width of round faces, shaping them into cute ovals. Medium hairstyles for round faces with locks covering the sides of your face make it narrower, slimmer and cuter. Long hairstyles for round faces are also beneficial because the vertical lines will elongate a full face.

Finding the perfect hairstyle to complement a round shaped face can be tricky. We can help you find the perfect cut to compliment your face shape. We have found a few of our favorite styles to provide you with a little hair-inspiration. As you will see, there are plenty of perfect hairstyles for round faces, from long to short and stick-straight to wavy. Here are some of our recommendations for what to do with a round face shape.
It is all about angling layers out the right way and not boxing the face in. That will make your round face look shorter and wider, which is not what is needed for a round face shape. You can enhance this look by asking your stylist for loose, face-framing layers, the first ones beginning slightly past the chin and possibly adding some very soft bangs. Add waves by wrapping sections of the hair around a larger barrel curling iron, feathering it away from the face. Brush through curls with a boar or natural bristle brush, and you can even back-brush (tease) with the same brush for volume and shine.

A heavy, sweeping fringe is really flattering on rounder faces especially when they  incorporate into a shaggy, below-the-shoulder length cut. To prevent bangs from shortening a round face, adjust the width. You can cut your bangs just above the lipline from cheekbone to cheekbone, angling them to one side to enhance the part. This will really, really play up your eyes.  You should  blow dry with a round brush, and lightly smooth over with a flatiron. You can use some paste to finish it. Paste has more of a matte finish so it won’t look greasy, and it will add longevity to your style.

A length that hits just above the collarbone has a balancing effect: The fullest part of a round face is at the cheeks, so keeping the weight at the ends of strands enhances angles along the jawline. It is almost like having a one length cut but because of the few soft layers at the bottom it will seem thicker and fuller.  It embodies that 40’s pinup girl flavor that reflects a classic look. You can set your hair with hot rollers, then brush through curls and let them take their own shape. The coolest thing is that it does not have to be perfectly styled to give your retro look a modern twist.


For those of you that want to make a drastic change and are not afraid to go short. A really textured and tapered pixie will give you definition to your round face. Just consider making it very soft around the edges. If you cut your hair short without adding the softness around the ears and neck it will look masculine and like you just got out of the barbershop.  The best part is, you style it with your fingers to avoid stiffness. Using a brush or flatiron may make your hair look too stick straight or overdone. Keep it natural, low-maintenance and sexy.


A  really long cut will lengthen  your round face-shape, and subtle layers starting near her collarbone prevent it from falling flat. Light layers should be achieved with a combination of straight and texture blades. The texture will give it a little lift, while still looking like it’s one length. Long hair is prone to split ends, so maintenance is important. You should always condition but you may want to use a weekly deep conditioning mask for dry hair, and a bimonthly trim is also not a bad idea to keep the split ends away.


round 1WAVY LOB
A longer, wavy bob can be very flattering on a round face., The lob is a perfect example of shape done right. The collarbone is usually a great starting point for this look, elongating the neck. Round faces definitely benefit from the angles of a short cut. If you want bangs you can absolutly go there. The bangs will square off the roundness of the face and create a slimming look. Keep them swept to the side. Blunt bangs will only make the face look more round.

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