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What Your Hairdresser Wants You to Know

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In a previous article we discussed how your hairdresser should be your best friend.  And if you suddenly remembered your last appointment when you received an extensive therapy session confessing that crazy night in Vegas because you needed to get it off your chest, then this article may be for you. You probably want to make your hairdresser feel good and be happy, because they have become a true friend.

When it comes to the things that make your hairdresser happy, you may not have a clue as to what they may be. There is so much grey area, and it can definitely be awkward to ask some basic questions at the time of your appointment so, we thought we would come up with a list of what your hairdresser wants you to know. Because these things will definitely help you make your relationship with your hairdresser a great one. Think about it, you will see your hairdresser more often than you will see some members of your close family.

You should make sure that you know what will make your hairdresser happy so your appointments go smoothly and you leave with a smile on your face and a killer look that turns heads. Below are some “where-the-rubber-meets-the-road” tips straight from the salon floor and the backroom. These are the things your hairdresser really wants you to know.

  1. How late is too late for you to show up to your appointment? If you are running 15-20 minutes late for your appointment, you should really call the salon and let them know. It is respectful and that really helps not just your hairdresser but, the receptionist, the next client, and you, who is expecting their hairdresser to be on time.
  2. What should you do if you are running late? When should you call? If you are running late for your appointment and you know you are going to be later than 20 minutes, don’t always expect your stylist or the receptionist to be able to make accommodations to get in that same day.  If you are running more than 30 minutes late, you should try to reschedule  your appointment. Just remember that your hairdresser wants to make you happy. And if you are late, you are cutting into that time and everyone else’s time after you.
  3. Should you try to keep the conversation going with small talk or stay quiet so your hairdresser can focus? The salon experience is different for everybody. Some prefer to just take the time for themselves and not chat, some may want to chat about the latest gossip. The most important thing is to start a conversation with your stylist about the service that you want done with your hair. Bring pictures and references to show what is inspiring you, so that you and your stylist are clear on what the finished result should be. That should always be the first conversation.
  4. How much is too much when it comes to sharing things from your personal life? Depending on your relationship with your stylist, it can be a bit awkward when you share some more intimate or personal information because you need to remember that the people at the next booth can hear you. So, if you think it may be a bit too risqué or politically charged, it probably is.
  5. Is talking on the phone or texting during a hair appointment okay? Texting and cell phone usage has changed the way hairdressers work. Timing is important. For example, if you’re getting color applied, most likely it’s fine. If you’re getting a sharp, one-length haircut where the balance is important, then it’s definitely not a good time to be chatting or texting. But being in the salon, you should use the time to unplug, relax, and enjoy the experience of being taken care of. And how about talking on the phone? I’d say if you are expecting a very important call than it would be okay—just ask your stylist on how they feel about it first.
  6. How much would you expect a satisfied client to tip? Tips are a funny thing. I personally always tip according to my experience. I hate the percentage rule. It’s a good guideline, but a tip is a gift and it’s such a personal situation.
  7. Should clients tip your assistants? How much? When it comes to the assistants, know that these people are training to make them better and more knowledgeable hairdressers. They are living on the tips that they are making. When someone knows how to rinse all that color out of your hair and gives you an amazing shampoo and scalp massage, all while keeping you dry, that’s when you can decide how much it’s worth. I know many clients think of the shampoo and scalp massage as their favorite part of the salon experience.
  8. Should a client still tip if they are unsatisfied? How much? A tip is something that isn’t expected. I think that a tip is something to show the appreciation for the time and execution of the service provided. And if the client is unhappy with the service, then don’t leave a tip.
  9. What should a client do if they are unhappy with your cut or style? If a client is unhappy with their service they should definitely speak up. Even if a client calls up two weeks later, they should feel comfortable calling and speaking up. Trust me, we’d rather make you happy than lose you as a client… most of the time.
  10. If a client has come back to the salon to fix a haircut or color they were unsatisfied with, should they still tip? Again, I’d encourage a client to stay until he/she is happy the first visit. If it’s a return visit, tipping is again a personal preference based on the circumstances. It’s always appreciated, but not expected.

Your hairdresser knows that your expectations are set very high as they should be when you know what you want.  A great hairdresser has the ability to help you get to your hair goals. But, even if you get the total hair makeover of your dreams, they cannot turn back time, change your skin tone, or make you look 30 pounds thinner. So if you were wondering how your can make their job easier and walk out with the best possible results. These are the the answers…

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