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Why Men Like Women With Short Hair

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After getting a short haircut and despite massive compliments from everyone, a lot of women still admit feeling self-conscious about a new short hairdo. Their main argument is that they don’t feel feminine or sexy anymore. They feel like guys will think they’re a boy.

Quite the contrary!!! There are many men who are very into short hair. Even before it became the hot trend of 2013. Remember Twiggy in the 60’s, Halle Berry as Jinx in 2002 and Eve Salvail  in The Fifth Element in 1997. So here is why men like women with short hair.

It Sets You Apart From the Barbie Crowd.

Men and women gauge a drastic hairstyle change much, much differently. For women what may seem like a major change to you is not even on a man’s radar. So while they do not notice the difference between “blown out” and “natural” or a “strawberry” and “platinum” and the like, they do understand the concept of  shorter.

A woman intentionally changing her appearance is almost always a head turner. It’s like returning from vacation with a tan, undergoing a hulk-like transformation, or posing for the “after” photo in a makeover commercial. Cutting your hair short is like reinventing yourself and reinvention is sexy, especially when they notice you.

Short Hair Exudes Confidence

Many women use their hair as a security blanket  like the “Wooby” in Mister Mom.  It seems like cutting their hair can be a frightening and potentially traumatic experience. Don’t be afraid, “Your Wooby is in pretty bad shape bud, it’s time to let go…”

When a woman takes that chance, faces that fear head-on (hair-off), and shows up on Monday rocking a pixie or bob or under cut, she gains some raving fans.

Some of the Most Striking Women Have Short Hair

Most men can’t  name three curly-haired celebrities or three wavy-haired celebrities, partially because they don’t see any difference. Short-haired celebs, though? They have about a dozen on deck.

So when a woman goes from innocent high school, ponytail to short haired vixen it commands attention and men love it!

It Brings out a Woman’s Beauty

Especially the face,eyes and the beauty attached to them.

If a man tells another woman that he is dating someone with a shaved head the first thing that they think is; Oh, she must be really pretty. If her hair is that short, she definitely has a gorgeous face. It is not that she is any prettier, it is that her best features got noticed.

Short hair also shows off and elongates your neck, which men love almost as much as everything above and below it. And less hair means more ears. You have no idea how much they will love your ears, mostly because, thanks to your long hair, they forgot they were there.

It Does Not Get in the Way

As much as men love touching and smelling and appreciating the other soft attributes of your hair, it can be a nuisance. When you kiss, men are repeatedly moving it out of the way due to  gravity. While sleeping or cuddling, it’s somehow always getting into mens’ nose and mouth, suffocating them.  And let’s not even mention the shower, remember Dashboard Confessional, “Your hair is everywhere,screaming infidelities?”

Short hair alleviates these issues and provides easy access to your follicles, the most underrated and underutilized frontier for sensual touch north of the belly button.

It Returns to Long Eventually

The best part about short hair, especially if you like change.


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