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Your Hair for the Busy Holiday Season

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Now that you have walked all of your little goblins around the neighborhood to pick up all of those sweet treats, it may be time to start thinking about treating yourself. Don’t rely on your Holiday spirit alone to turn heads at your big holiday party.

Halloween has come and gone. It is now that time of year that your hair appointment is crucial. You want to look your absolute best for all of your family and friends. You really need to set a time now and schedule an appointment and consider; your hair for the busy holiday season. Temperatures are dropping and you don’t want to get left out in the cold before you see all of those relatives and fellow party-goers.

Right around the corner is Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s and everything that goes with the busy holiday season. This is also the busy season for hairdressers. Your favorite stylist may be booking up fast. If you don’t call soon, you may end up on a waiting list or taking an appointment at an odd time of the day or week, and that’s if you get lucky. So if you want to get the latest trend this holiday season the time is now.

Speaking of the latest holiday trends; the newest trends for this holiday season are saying that brunettes and blondes overall, are toned down. Strategic subtle highlights and a sun kissed look are great for this holiday season. Reds have more of a burgundy hue with subtle flashes of blonde around the face. All of this holiday season’s colors are really quite beautiful.

Braids and waves are also on the holiday menu. Waves have also transformed from that beachy, summer look to a softer more undone look. If you are curling your hair, after curling your entire head, breakout the flat iron and straighten your ends. This will give you a more undone look. The holidays can also be a time for a more formal look. You may want to consider a low or high twist or even a bun. Holidays are a time to add a few pearls around the twist or bun to make more of an elegant statement. All of these looks can be created by any of our stylists at Salon F, but you have to get in so make your appointment now. We would love to see you.

If you cannot get in with your favorite stylist there is another option: ask for a referral. If your stylist is booked, ask them to recommend someone else within the same salon if possible. At Salon F, we never want to lose an appointment but if there is no other opening, we will definitely help you with a referral to one of our other stylists or someone we absolutely trust at another salon. We want you to be that person at the holiday party that people come up to and ask, “Where did you get your hair done?”

Do you need to make an impression at your holiday party? Then move fast. Don’t wait around. Get that appointment. Lock it down. Get two appointments if need be. How you wear your hair for New Year’s Eve could be completely different from the style for that Christmas party. And you’ll certainly need another appointment after Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays from Salon F!

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