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Your Hairdresser May Just Be Your Best Friend

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A lot of women feel like their hairdresser can make all of their dreams come true, working their magic with those scissors like a magic wand, turning you into a princess. Most women share a special bond with their hairdresser. You can be vulnerable and honest with them like no one else in your inner-circle.  So what exactly is it that makes your hairdresser your friend?

Your hairdresser may just be your best friend. Sometimes a true friendship is not always contained in those pictures we post on Facebook wall or the Tweets we think are so clever. Sometimes it is an unspoken bond that is simply understood between kindred spirits. Your true best friend may not be your co-worker or your  partner in crime or that friend you have had since kindergarten or even your significant other. There is one person that you can always confide in, confess to and get that intimate advice from and that is, your hairdresser.

Your hairdresser knows your real hair color after all, even if you forgot.  The state of your natural hair is a little secret you share with only your hairdresser, and confidentiality is everything. And your hairdresser will never tell anyone about how much grey you really have. The salon is a safe place, where you can be honest and revitalize yourself just enough to deal with your life and all of its complications. You always get a boost and feel more confident, and better about yourself and your crazy life after you leave the salon.  Your hairdresser is right up there with your mother as the most honest people in your life.

It is so rare to have a person in your life who has the guts to look you right in the eye and tell you that bangs really will make your face look fat. Let’s be honest, you would not want to hear that from anyone else. In fact, it would be hard to accept coming from anyone else except maybe mom.  That kind of brutal, but so very necessary honesty is reserved for that special bond that you share with our hairdresser. Your hairdresser never manipulates you into doing things you don’t want to do. They are simply bringing you back to reality, which is so necessary when you are trying to improve yourself.

A hairdresser has heard and seen it all.  You can be your freaky, un-politically correct, party-crazed, naughty self with your hairdresser. They will never judge you for your “flexible morality.” They appreciate the colorful, decadent part of your character. They understand that a great hairstyle is more effective than a psychotherapy session.  Hairdressers are the very best listeners. It is part of a hairdressers’ DNA to genuinely listen so that they can read between the lines, beyond your spoken words into the true meaning of what you are saying.

When your hairdresser becomes a true friend, nothing in the world is better. You simply have to sit in the chair and let them work their magic.  When and if this happens, you will experience the highest level of friendship possible. Your hairdresser will be the only person who will ever be able to rescue you from your own compulsive judgement to change for merely change sake. So after all of the confessions, confidences and intimate advice, your hairdresser truly is your best friend.

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